Has Canada sold out to a Global Governance?….is Pauline Marois part of it?……you bettya!!!

Posted: September 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

Many Prime Ministers ago right up to the present day, of Canada, has been slowly “evolving” and “devolving”, whichever way you want to look at it, towards a partnership in a “Global Governance” that will eventually replace our need for for a Sovereign ruler!

In the most debased terminology that can be used here, Canada’s politicians have accepted the planned takeover of free and democratic countries like Canada by a self appointed small group of “elitists” (that’s what they call themselves) without even a debate!

We, the poor sad lot we are, poorly little ignorant “citizens” and “financiers” of these politicians who seem to know better than we do what’s good for us have literally gutted Canada and it’s so-called “Free Society”.

Pauline Marois who was elected Premier of Quebec last week comes with a little “baggage” within this cabal, not that you would hear that in any news outlets!

Being a “minion” of the United Nations up until recently was not considered a “black mark” on politicians but the United Nation’s Agenda 21 being exposed for all that’s wrong with that has changed the way we identify people who advocate anything the United Nations has a hand in as “sell-outs or even worse, Traitors”!

You judge for yourself if what is mentioned here is true. After all your forefathers and foremothers gave up their lives to protect us from this sort of thing in two World Wars. The least you can do is read a bit!

Canada – Global Governance is going to be the norm?

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The imminent Anglo-American collapse has been planned – the same as the 1929 crash was planned. It worked so well then that the International Bankers, WB, BIS, IMF, who constitute the New World Global Governance, are going to try it a second time around: The Bilderberg group, Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign relation as well as the American Rockefellers, European Rothschilds and Canadian Desmarais.

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  2. Tom Blacksmith says:

    His old man was a a friend of Castro. Like father like Son. Nuf said!

  3. Cheers from Québec,

    Thank for putting my vid up. I’m presently editing a New Video covering Justin Trudeau’s general lack of Political and Geopolitical insight on the said subject. Trudeau is a puppet just like his old man.

    Again Thank you for putting this up

    Keep up the good fight and may our father first source and center guide his children of time and space, the truth shall set you free!


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