Greens running out of money, now they want your life savings to keep their Scam alive!!!!!

Posted: September 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

What is the basis for all the Green Scamming going on with world-wide Wind and Solar Development? Saving the planet from that poisonous CO2 that heats up the planet and eventually causes it to spontaneously explode into flames?

Not on your life! It’s all about the money!

Now that the World has been robbed blind by the banksters and financial criminals at all levels of Governments and Markets, the poor little “greenies” need more $$$ to keep their massive SCAM from ending!

Where oh where is there a huge stash of cash? Oh yeah…………..the common hard working person”s pension plans!!!!

That’s the ticket…….let’s go after that and clean the poor buggers out once and for all!

You Didn’t Save That! WBGU Proposes Raiding Global Private Pension Funds To Pay For The Green Power Transition

By P Gosselin on 6. September 2012

Make no mistake about it – they’re coming for it – the world’s private pension money. The greens used to tell us that green energy could be profitable and would not burden our economy – in fact they even claimed it would lead to an economic boom and prosperity.

Schellnhuber tells the world how to invest private capital.

But now that the first building blocks of the green energy grid are in place, they too realize this is going to cost a lot of money – HUGE MONEY! Reports say it’s going to cost $1 trillion dollars a year for the rest of the century. Where should this kind of money come from?

Prof. Hans Joachim Schellhnhuber, Director of the ultra-climate-alarmist Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research and Chairman of the anti-democratic WBGU (German Advisory Council on Global Change) has the answer: Raid the global private pension and retirement funds…and steal the money we worked our entire lives for.


And let’s not kid ourselves about who is going to make out on this. The leftist online DIE ZEIT daily here reports:

In the fight against global warming, the top environmental advisers of the German government, according to information from Die Zeit, want to tap a new source of funding – the private pensions of savers.”

Some thieving bastards will stop at nothing, won’t they? Now governments are using science to legitimize the widescale plunder of private pension funds. “Sorry people, but we have to steal your savings to save the planet.”



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