Wind Turbines murder wildlife……….where’s your arguments now you “so-called Environmentalists”????

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Wind Turbines are “clean green and environmentally safe” say the eco-whacked out so-called environmentalists like Environmental Defence, Suzuki Foundation, Elizabeth May, Al Gore, Sierra Club, WWF, among many others including all the lobby groups who slime their way inside Government offices at all levels of Government selling their fake green energy scam!

Here’s a simple way to measure IF Wind Turbines are good or bad. How many endangered species die BECAUSE of these Industrial installations?

Where’s the “spin” on this you dishonourable, bottom feeding, money sucking, enviros?

Industrial wind turbine subsidies are driving eagles and other majestic birds to extinction.


This article originally appeared in the National Journal.

In 2009, the federal government fined ExxonMobil $600,000 for the unintentional deaths of 85 birds in five states during a five-year period.

Meanwhile, well over 500,000 birds and countless bats are killed annually by wind turbines, according to the US Fish & Wildlife Service (FWS) and other experts. The slaughter “could easily be over 500” golden eagles a year in our western states, says Save the Eagles International biologist Jim Wiegand.

Bald eagles are also being butchered. The two species body count could soon reach 1,000-per-year.

Supposedly “eco-friendly” wind turbines are sending some of America’s most important and majestic sovereigns of our skies to the edge of extinction: eagles, hawks, falcons, owls, whooping cranes, condors, herons, egrets, snow geese, bats that protect crops by eating insects, and many more.

And yet, in the course of three decades, the government has never prosecuted or penalized a single wind turbine company for this rampant, widespread and growing eco-slaughter. Instead, it subsidizes the slaughter – to the tune of $22-per-megawatt via the wind energy production tax credit (PTC) alone, plus additional state and federal financial assistance, without which the industry would not survive.

One could accurately say wind turbines represent the only truly shovel-ready projects on the Obama Administration energy agenda – with wind project operators employing “slice, shovel and shut up” tactics to help hide the evidence of how extensive the slaughter has actually become.

With Congress preparing to vote on extending the PTC yet again, it is time to assess how worthless wind energy actually is for generating electricity – and how destructive it is of vital wildlife species.


  1. mbarnardca says:

    “A record whooping crane flock is expected at the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge for the second straight year. Refuge manager Dan Alonso said there could be enough cranes making their annual migration to the area to break last year’s count of about 280.
    “We’re eagerly anticipating approximately 300 birds this year,” Dan Alonso said.”

    “Alonso said recent rainfall of about 2 inches has replenished drinking water sources for the whoopers, and about 20 ponds created by windmill pumps are available for the birds to drink.”

    Pity that Wiegand continues to spout unsupported, unsupportable and increasingly frantic lies.

  2. Jim Wiegand says:

    The wind industry should be run out of every town in America and a full blown investigation should be launched into this industry.

    Wind Farms slaughter birds. Millions of them and most are protected species. Wind farms do not kill 2.9 birds per MW as the industry claims these turbines kill between 30-100 birds per MW. That is until their populations start plummeting. The information below was copied from a report released in 2008 in by a group of University Professors and Ornithologists that were not paid off by the industry.

    Development of wind projects is likely to cause:

    a. Bird mortality caused by collisions with operating turbines and/or elements of auxiliary infrastructure, in particular overhead power lines;

    b. Decrease in population due to loss and fragmentation of habitats caused by deterring effect of the wind turbines and/or development of

    communication and energy infrastructure related to operations of the wind turbines,

    c. Disturbance to populations, in particular to short- and long – range bird migrations (the barrier effect).

    The wind industry has been slaughtering bird populations and lying about it for decades. What is written above is the reason why the Wood Buffalo-Aransas Whooping Cranes population is disappearing. Their 2012 population should be around 375-400 but it is only about half that due to the explosion of wind industry development in their migration corridor. It is not drought that is killing them as the USFWS and wind industry would like us to believe, but thousands of 400-500 ft wind turbines slashing at 200 mph through tens of millions of cubic feet of air space.

    The time to move is TODAY if you want to help save the whopping cranes and other rare bird species. For this to take place the public needs to reject all the wind industry lies,studies and cover stories about their impacts because they have been rigged for 28 years. The fact that no whooping crane death has ever been recorded at a wind farm is true, but it means nothing. The industry posturing of no dead body, equals no evidence, and therefore we are innocent is statement of total fabrication.

    By now everyone should realize that industry operates in complete secrecy with total control of their wind farms. Wind farms are patrolled daily by personnel looking for bodies and a huge white bird would be hard to miss. A sliced up whooping crane body will never be produced from a wind farm until they get their incidental kill permits (this is in their plans) from the USFWS. Some whooping cranes are wearing GPS transmitters, but if one happens to die at a wind farm with a transmitter on, they know the drill, just take the transmitter and give it a ride away from the site.

    There really is enough indirect evidence to conclude that the wind industry is killing the whooping crane and millions of other birds that go unreported by this industry. There is even more evidence then that what used to convict murderer Drew Peterson. But if anyone disagrees then just try to change the USFWS “Voluntary regulations” for this industry so that a body could not be hidden. Such an action would be met head on with every once of resistance the industry could muster because they know that if wind farm secrecy and the gag orders were ever lifted, this industry would shrivel up over night.

    For more information on the Whooping cranes visit the Whooping Crane Conservation Association web site and look up flock status. Make sure you up the graph that shows their steep population decline that began with the explosion of turbines that have invaded their migration route. Also when you get there you can also read what Tom Stehn had to say about the newly adopted (Bogus) USFWS method of counting/exaggerating whooping cranes.

  3. Mike Barnard says:

    If Mr. Wiegand were accurate, this would be a cause for concern. If Mr. Wiegand were even a wildlife biologist, this might be the basis for discussion. Neither, however, is true.

    Regarding whooping cranes, there are no records of any whooping crane even being harmed or displaced by a wind farm, never mind killed. None. Zero.

    Tom Stehn, the foremost expert on whooping cranes on the planet, and the person most individually responsible for their recovery over the past 30 years of working with them, has testified in court that recent reductions in whooping crane numbers are due to State of Texas water management policies during the 2008-2009 drought.

    Mr. Wiegand is actually an antiques dealer who studied undergraduate wildlife biology 40 years ago at Berkeley. He’s also hates wind farms. His claims include:
- a 28 year conspiracy by the US Fish and Wildlife service,
- that hundreds of PhDs, professional wild biologists and dozens of preservation organizations are involved
- that the carefully worked out bird mortality counting methodology by the above is wrong by a factor of ten.

    Mr. Wiegand is not a credible source, he’s a crank who is making things up.

    References and quotations proving all of the above in the attached reference material:

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