Why does Dalton want a majority so bad?……to ram a carbon tax down our collective throats!!!!!

Posted: August 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

One wonders why this Premier wants a majority Government so badly with the two by-elections up for grabs on September 6th.

Always the vague and never predictable, this Government has gone so far beyond what a sensible and financially responsible political leadership should be, this guy and his gang have basically bankrupted every citizen in this “have not” Province!

Now it seems the motive behind McGuinty’s need for majority rule is that the fatal “Carbon Tax” has been waiting in the wings for years now and a minority Government doesn’t have the guts to unleash this “destroyer” on the people until it has a majority and nobody can stop their madness!

Rogue Government? Failed Leadership? Fiscally brain dead”?………………..name a few more…they all fit this disaster since 2003 called the McGuinty Government. Want to save Ontario?……………….kick these bums to the curb!

Carbon tax – who wants it? MPP Phil McNeely does

August 22, 2012  by Jessica Smith

Phil McNeely, second to left, David McGuinty, fourth from left, and others, celebrate the opening of new solar panels on the roof of the McLean Co-op in Ottawa South. METRO / JESSICA SMITH

An Ottawa MPP is voicing his support for a carbon tax, while acknowledging the political pitfalls.

Ottawa-Orleans MPP Phil McNeely gave a speech Wednesday to launch the new solar panels on the McLean Co-Operative Home in Ottawa South. He said the governments of Quebec and British Columbia have done a lot for the environment by instituting carbon taxes.

“But carbon tax is not a word you can mention in politics, you can’t mention that word,” he said.

McNeely told reporters he supports a fee and dividend version of a carbon tax, in which carbon is taxed at the mine or port of entry, causing the price of carbon-heavy products and services to rise. The collected fees are redistributed to the public, who can save money by reducing their reliance on carbon polluting goods.

“Fee and dividend makes sense,” he said. “If you use a lot of carbon you pay a lot of money. If you don’t use carbon, you don’t, and the poor would be one (group) that gets money back, because the poor don’t use the carbon that we all do.”

He said the carbon tax in B.C. “comes close” to the fee and dividend model and acknowledged the political fight the B.C. Liberals had over the program.

Asked if Ontario could follow British Columbia’s lead soon, McNeely didn’t sound hopeful.

“Minority government’s a difficult position to even start talking about carbon,” he said.


  1. myview1872 says:

    Here is another example of majority at any price:

    How much of this money will be spent in KW?

    Somehow the vote was on Tuesday. Wasn’t the legislature recalled to deal with the teachers?

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