McGuinty won’t show up for ORNGE questioning!

Posted: August 25, 2012 in Uncategorized

Who can blame him?

After all, he meets thousands of people throughout the year and what if he met Chris Mazza from ORNGE on 3 different occasions yet can’t remember if anything they talked about was “relevant”.

That said, there seems to be more to their conversations than just a “hello and pleased to see” you moment here according to an e mail from Apps after a fundraiser as follows:  “Last nite (sic) worked perfectly,” said the email from Apps, dated June 20, 2007. “Chris was able to make a real connection with the premier, and to lay out the success story of ORNGE at a high level in a way that provides the groundwork of our entire initiative.”

But then that’s just another person’s testimony and shouldn’t reflect what REALLY went on, should it?

OK, I’m being pretty lenient here with the above.

In actuality, not only should McGuinty be forced to answer questions in front of the committee, he should also be asked what direct influence he had on the formation of ORNGE, on the pay packages for ORNGE execs and EXACTLY what Mazza was doing with the public’s money he was being handed by McGuinty and Gang. After all, Dalton McGuinty is RESPONSIBLE for every single person’s actions below him in his office whether he like it or not. This is the way of business in the Private Sector and has to be even more transparent in the Public Sector!

At least that’s what’s supposed to happen!

ORNGE: Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty won’t testify at ORNGE hearings

Published on Saturday August 25, 2012 Kevin Donovan
Staff Reporter
Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty told the legislature that he met ORNGE founder Dr. Chris Mazza only once, on a tour in northern Ontario in 2005.

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty has snubbed the ORNGE committee’s call to testify.

The Queen’s Park committee probing the publicly funded air ambulance service wanted McGuinty to explain what was discussed at up to three meetings founder Dr. Chris Mazza said he had with the premier.

The Premier’s Office told the committee Friday that McGuinty was “unavailable” next Wednesday when the committee had asked him to appear. A spokesperson said Health Minister Deb Matthews has been answering questions for the government, and that is sufficient.

“Why is the premier not willing to answer questions about what he knew and when he knew it?” asked Conservative MPP Frank Klees, who has led questioning at the committee probing the ORNGE scandal. “Not agreeing to testify shows disrespect for the parliamentary committee process.”

The premier’s spokesperson, Neala Barton, said McGuinty will be tied up at cabinet meetings Wednesday, but is “eager to hear the committee’s recommendations so we can continue improving air ambulance services in Ontario.”

Barton said Matthews has appeared three times at the committee and will appear again if asked.

The ORNGE committee at Queen’s Park was convened after a Toronto Star investigation exposed widespread problems and financial side deals at ORNGE, which receives $150 million a year to move sick and injured patients around the province.

In several months of testimony the committee has explored the corporate, government and legal hijinks behind Mazza’s dream of building a world class air ambulance service. The politics of ORNGE have been touched on: former health minister George Smitherman helped Mazza create ORNGE and prominent federal Liberal Alf Apps, an ORNGE lawyer, joined ORNGE in briefing provincial officials on its myriad plans. The committee has also heard from Don Guy, chair of McGuinty’s last three successful election campaigns, who at a time when he was not working for the government billed ORNGE’s law firm (where Apps worked) $107,877 for consultancy work related to the air ambulance service.



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