Are Ontario Municipalities following “McGuinty’s tactics”?… electorate: “shut up and take it”!!!!

Posted: August 17, 2012 in Uncategorized

Just like the Green Energy Act, Bill 150 back in May of 2009 Ontario’s Rural Residents were told to “shut up and take this legislation as written”!

Though damaging, basically illegal and removing any democratic control over renewable power generation development within Rural townships, most if not all 444 Municipalities across Ontario went the way of the sheep to slaughter……….silently!

When a Council works tirelessly on behalf of developers and Industry AGAINST the wishes of their electorate one could say that they are operating    as “tyrants” which are described as follows:  “one who rules without law, looks to his own advantage rather than that of his subjects, and uses extreme and cruel tactics—against his own people as well as others”.

In the small Rural Township of Marmora we have exactly that scenario being played out.

The Council is pushing a dangerous experiment being touted by Northland Power which wants to build a dam above the town to show how “pumped storage” could be the answer for renewable energy deficiencies such as wind and solar generation that can’t be “stored”.

We can only assume this is a desperate attempt by the “Green Industry” to show how they can smooth out the flow of electricity when the wind doesn’t blow the damn turbines and the sun doesn’t shine on the solar panels, specially considering WE live in the Northern hemisphere where winter lasts much longer that in sunny California!!!

All at the expense of the residents of this town who will have to live under the threat of being drowned in their sleep, specially if a massive rain storm hits.

Sounds a bit “Third World” to me!

For a more complete look at the history behind this “horror film” in the making go here: 

The Fight of Our Life in Marmora – For Our Lives:


Public meeting will take place when there is an announcement to be made

Posted Aug 16, 2012 By Judy Backus 

EMC News -Marmora -The Northland Power pumped storage proposal for the Marmora Mine site, was again a topic of interest during the August 7 council meeting. Local resident Kathy Hamilton appeared as a delegate looking for answers to a number of questions she had previously submitted in writing to council. She began by saying that for more than a year she had “intensely and independently” researched and written about Northland Power’s pumped storage proposal for Marmora.

She made use of the allotted 15 minutes, providing information as to what was behind the questions, speaking of what she termed the assumed public support for the project and expressing her extreme dissatisfaction with council’s process regarding public consultation.

Reeve Terry Clemens, who had made notes during the presentation, responded, saying he would not be drawn into a debate, stressing that, “We as a council fully endorse Northland Power’s project at the former mine site.” He went on to say that contrary to what Hamilton suggested, “the vast majority of the people in our municipality support this project … I have people asking me every day about the progress … We all understand you don’t agree, you don’t like this project. We know one thing: we can agree to disagree.



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