Rats eating Rats!

Posted: August 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

When the Green Energy Act was rammed down Ontario Citizens throats back in 2009, DEMOCRACY DIED IN ONTARIO!

McGuinty vis a vis his Energy Minister George Smitherman basically told Ontario Municipalities to “shut up and take it like a man” when they rammed Bill 150 through Parliament without seeing the long term effects of basing a methodology without any long term research and financial planning getting in the way.

Now over 3 years later we see the “fruits of their labour” bearing a very rotten crop!

Wind and Solar companies at the time jumped all over the buckets of tax payers cash that were being dumped their way and extolled the virtues of having a Green Leader and a Green Province to the point of nausea!

Now it’s a different story. Law suits and denouncements in public by the green parasites that have lived off OUR $$’s are now common place.

While concerned citizens may find this rather satisfying, watching the bottom feeders attack the leadership that created this cesspit of patronage also feel that we are witnessing the long term ruination of a once great Province. The courts of law can never repair that reality!

Scott Stinson: Long-time allies turn on McGuinty over Green Energy delays, cancellations

Scott Stinson | Aug 16, 2012

Brett Gundlock / National Post Files

Toronto Hydro’s Anemometer Platform in Lake Ontario measures wind speed and direction. The Ontario government has cancelled some pending offshore projects. Brett Gundlock / National Post Files

When the McGuinty government announced its signature Green Energy Act in 2009, John Kourtoff was one of many business leaders who had been lined up to offer unqualified support.

“The Green Energy Act will serve as a turning point in Ontario’s economic history,” said Mr. Kourtoff, who as president and chief executive of Trillium Wind Power Corp. was not exactly an impartial observer.

In a release sent out by the Ministry of Energy, he said, generations from now, the new legislation would be recognized for “pro-actively moving Ontario to a new paradigm that was good for the pocketbook and good for the planet.”

He is less enthused about the governing Liberals today.

“Basically, they are saying that anyone who trusts them is foolish,” he said after a court heard arguments in his company’s lawsuit against the government after it cancelled all potential offshore wind turbine developments, citing the need for further study of their effects.

Mr. Kourtoff contends Trillium Wind invested thousands of dollars to secure development rights for several offshore projects. The government courted his business to the extent of paying for him to travel to Britain twice to tout the merits of the new legislation, which guaranteed heavily subsidized rates for renewable energy.

Now, he maintains, Ontario has essentially said it always reserves the right to change its mind on policy matters. Those are the risks of doing business with it. Caveat investor.

“I don’t think that’s peace, order and good government,” Mr. Kourtoff said.

His legal action is just one of the instances in which long-time allies of the McGuinty government have turned on it over the handling of the Green Energy Act. This invited a stampede of business in the early days, but has since been plagued by uncertainty and delays as the government adjusted some conditions, reviewed others and, in the case of offshore wind, scotched projects altogether.

Opposition critics have long said the McGuinty Liberals are prone to reversing policy decisions only when it suits their political needs, as in the cancellation of a Mississauga power plant during the fall general election.

But now it’s one-time allies who level accusations of political meddling in policy.



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