ORNGE Scandal needs some jail time for some, if not all?

Posted: July 31, 2012 in Uncategorized

Tax Payers Dollars were being used in the ORNGE Ambulance Service like monopoly money yet all we keep getting from the inquiries that are ongoing is a “She said/He said: back and forth ‘banter”.

That isn’t good enough! Tax payers have a right to demand that someone be held responsible for the mismanagement of their hard earned dollars by this Liberal Government and it’s various money handlers with the various Ministries RESPONSIBLE for their actions!

The E Health scandal was pushed under a rug of “whatever” and it seems to be raising it’s ugly head once again. Now ORNGE is on the table, yet denials and accusations from one side to the other seems to be the strategy to delaying any firm action even though the OPP have been conducting an internal investigation for over 7 months now!

If you or I had “mismanaged” MILLIONS of Dollars like these “politically aligned goons” did we would be in jail watching our backsides in the shower room!

Time for some concrete actions……..there’s been enough political rhetoric!

Deb Matthews says ex-Ornge CEO Chris Mazza’s defence ‘pure nonsense’

July 31, 2012 Tanya Talaga  Queen’s Park Bureau

Health Minister Deb Matthews appears before the Standing Committee on Public Accounts, as it continues to look into the ORNGE fiasco Tuesday.

Calling ORNGE founder Chris Mazza’s testimony “pure nonsense,” Health Minister Deb Matthews deflected opposition attempts to discredit her at a provincial probe examining the air ambulance scandal.

Tempers flared and insults were hurled, but Matthews stood her ground and insisted that despite what ORNGE former CEO Mazza testified on July 18, the opposite was often true.

Not only did Mazza stand her up twice, he stonewalled Auditor General Jim McCarter as he investigated, he refused to disclose his $1.4-million salary publicly and he “manipulated patient transfer numbers he reports to the ministry,” Matthews testified.

 ORNGE’s Italian chopper firm wants $1.8 million back

In McCarter’s special report on ORNGE, released last March, he discovered that since 2008 the firm received nearly $13 million a year to transfer a projected 20,000 patients by road. In reality, the service transports only 3,000 people.

Any testimony “that had he been asked to make any changes of any kind at any time, his answer would have been, ‘Yes ma’am!’ Is pure nonsense,” she emphatically told the committee.

“That was a message that was received loud and clear and it led directly down the path that ended with a complete overhaul of leadership at ORNGE,” she said. “I am under no illusion that had Chris Mazza would have met with me, he would have been forthcoming about his actions.”

And after 600 pages of ORNGE testimony and listening to 54 witnesses by the end of the week, it is time for the opposition-dominated probe to stop blaming and come up with a report on how to fix the system, Matthews said.

After four months of testimony, the probe has heard of Mazza’s reign at the agency since 2005, of the hiring of his water-ski instructor girlfriend who rose up the corporate ladder to become an associate vice-president and of the bizarre web of for-profit spin-off companies created by ORNGE. The probe also heard of questionable business dealings and contracts now being investigated by the Ontario Provincial Police.

New information also came to light at the hearing. Red flags warning of serious financial concerns inside ORNGE were raised by Ministry of Health senior staffers in June 2011, Progressive Conservative MPP Frank Klees charged.

He released a memo from Malcolm Bates, director of the ministry’s emergency health services branch, stating the government may have to step in and assume massive debt at ORNGE.


  1. Tom Blacksmith says:

    “manipulated patient transfer numbers he reports to the ministry,”

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t this mean he defrauded the goverment? Isn’t that like a doctor manipulating his OHIP submissions for greater financial gain?

    If that’s what Mathews is saying here, then….

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