Inside the “movers and shakers” of the new “Elitists” that want to control the World!

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This post is not only “surreal” but shows the complete “disconnect from reality” the Rothschild’s family is from day to day lives that are oh so dull and burdened with trying to feed one’s family, afford a place to live and keep one’s roof over their head just to make it through the ever increasing costly living that most people on this planet have to deal with.

Aimed at young impressionable minds these elites are not only “dangerous” but very entrenched in a fake Gaia worshipping agenda that has nothing to do with helping or saving the planet!


Trendy Alert: How The Global Elite Constructed An Army Of Agenda 21 Advocates

Jurriaan Maessen

July 31, 2012

There is a new species of man prancing around upon the world stage. Suddenly, quite unannounced, this bizarre typology appeared, comparable to… well, nothing really. It is a remarkable creature, immediately recognizable by a certain androgynous streak running along all its features: a sheep-like nothingness, combined with an ounce of fanatical malice, dominating the rest of its general outward appearance. I say androgynous, because this new species hardly conforms to anything resembling the male- nor does it do to qualify it as female: an analogy which, as Alex Jones pointed out, is an insult to women. You see them, the trendies, popping up more and more these days, leaving us with a sense of what can only be described as sheer bewilderment. Although “trendy” is the term we may use to adequately describe this species, they comfortably classify themselves under the umbrella-term “millennial”. The following clip from the Alex Jones Show adequately expresses the nastiness of the phenomenon:

If we had to index this new family in the great house of the human race, one might classify it under Homo Trendyaris- or Homo Idiotis, or whatever name for that matter that may be applied to separate this individual from the larger, human family. The trendy, we have come to understand, is a result of decade-long, unrelenting disinformation-campaigns on the very young- which has produced a very sickening example of how man may be perverted beyond recognition if bombarded long enough with thorough globalist propaganda. It is a crime, really. The trendy’s mind has clearly from a very early age on been seriously knocked out of alignment, and subsequently molded in such a form as to be practically unrecognizable from anything resembling the human as we know him. If you want to visualize the trendy, sketch yourself a picture-postcard of an ordinary human- like the one depicted in biology textbooks denoting the classic male; shrink this image in length and width to about one half of its original size- shrink the neck even more until it compares to that of no more than an averaged-sized chicken- and then add to this all the complexities and wonderful mysteries inherent to humans in general … only to then deduct these things altogether. What remains is a creature that has a distinct Gollum-like feel to it: a hollow facade, in other words, weak of mind and body.

This sickly new creation is a disturbing blueprint of the futuristic “man” as envisioned by the global elite. To learn of how the trendy has been wrought into being, we must look at the latest generations of globalist royalty. For it is they, the Rothschilds and Rockefellers, who may be held responsible for the most subtle and consistent breeding-programs ever injected into society’s bloodstream. Subtle because of the absence of a straightforward eugenic intervention, and consistent because of the incremental nature of the propaganda onslaught.

David Mayor de Rothschild

In an unbelievable display of shamelessness, the youngest son of sir Evelyn de Rothschild claims that being heir to the Rothschild-fortune somehow makes it more unlikely that he should convince people to ‘go green’. Several news outlets have reported on a television series presented by David Mayor de Rothschild himself, pointing at the dangers of ‘global warming’ and its supposed effects on the earths ecosystem as he sails around the globe, promoting his cause on a boat made of plastic bottles and recycled waste. The young Rothschild may have painted the family crest green, underneath the red is still shimmering through.

On April 17 2009 the New York Times ran a story about David Mayor de Rothschild and his television debut “Eco Trip: The Real Cost of Living”. In the article the journalist cancels all professional reservations surrendering himself mindlessly over to Rothschild’s geographical zigzagging adventures and ecological photo-ops. As we have come to expect from the New York Times, even the pretext of thinking is abandoned as the global warming-myth is presented as a well-proven fact and its advocates are sprinkled with shining star- and gold dust. But let’s not forget: not long after this particular journalistic facade the Climategate scandal erupted like a carbon dioxide-laden volcano, blowing away a generation of lies and covering it with a thick layer of ash.

Starting out by marveling over David Mayor the Rothschild’s past globetrotting adventures “across Greenland’s shrinking icecaps”, the journalist wonders aloud how on earth it is possible for an offspring of the infamous banking family to protect Gaia from the evil oil-drillers.

“It’s one of those weird things”, Rothschild said in response. “(Being a Rothschild) has given me a lot of opportunities, but I think I always have to work harder too.”

A couple of days before the New York Times published their deceptive little panegyric, an article about De Rothschild’s ventures appeared in the Guardian’s environment-section, pointing out that David de Rothschild “belongs to the country’s leading ‘eco-toffs’, those young men and women who use their inherited wealth to promote environmental causes.”

By projecting an image of himself as a rich man’s kid drifting away from his predestined path to choose a life of self-inflicted hardship, De Rothschild casually leaves out the fact that his activities are actually perfectly consistent with his family’s long-time ambitions. As so often is the case, we must peel off multiple layers of deception to arrive at the rotten apple-core. De Rothschild’s crusade against “climate change” (these words cannot be crammed in between quotes thick enough to encapsulate this deception) is not despite of his upbringing- on the contrary: it fits in perfectly with his families age-old trickery, to create and promote a crisis, let it rage for a while and then generously bring out the solution in favour of the globalist agenda. And as the young Rothschild’s environmental enterprises show, the methodology is still very much alive.

Besides making television series for the young, he specializes in directing the propaganda towards the very young. In an attempt at brainwashing the very young, De Rothschild wrote a children’s book on climate change- a fairy tale really- because “a range of learning opportunities connect children with nature, inspire proactive global citizenship and make learning an adventure.” The message is clear: forget your family, forget your tribe- become good global citizens instead. Murmuring subliminally we hear the emperor from Star Wars whispering: “Give in to the dark side..”

It was not a month before the New York Times article appeared about David de Rothschild’s travels, the PR Newswire announced that “Rothschild Australia and E3 International are set to become key players in the international carbon credit trading market, an emerging commodity market that analysts estimate could be worth up to US$150 billion by 2012.” Such an additional fact would go completely over a trendy’s head, by the way.

Conveniently leaving out that the ancient family for centuries worked to consolidate control over international finance, the website Rothschild.Com brags: “Rothschild has been at the centre of the world’s financial markets for over 200 years. It ranks amongst the world’s largest privately-owned banks.” A couple of paragraphs later the website goes on to say that “Rothschild is committed to the pursuit of excellence, and for this reason concentrates on sectors and markets in which it can excel.”

Indeed. As the many carbon credit schemes by the internationalist family clearly illustrate, their members are all too eager to point at the dangers of climate change, and even more eager to make huge profits out of the generated fear. David Mayor de Rothschild is certainly not a rogue descendant of the family, sailing of into the deep blue as he denounces his family’s global ambitions; he is actually a most loyal member, actively promoting its interests with a wink and a smile as he sells his cool aid to the youngest of the young.



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