How whacky can a Toronto Council Member get when spouting “Green dreams”?

Posted: July 24, 2012 in Uncategorized

“Why we wouldn’t at least try out something at very limited cost to the city, to get ready for the revolution that is going to happen, is beyond me.”

That statement should outline the way this post is going. This was stated publicly by a member of Toronto Council, Mike Layton.

Of course  what he is proposing is going to cost every Torontonian many dollars on a pipe dream that will never produce anything more than photo opportunities for politicians who don’t have to work their asses off to feed their kids and pay taxes to support schemes like this!!

What would these “charging stations” service?…..the Chevy Volt?………………… How’s that one going?

The Chevy Volt is probably the worst example of an electric car ever formulated by a group of uneducated political motivated idiots who are all under the false impression that as long as the word “Green” is involved, it will work! Sounds like something the environmental students at York University would have come up with, just like their Green Energy Act for McGuinty that has ruined Rural Ontario!

See this post if your not sure the Chevy Volt isn’t worthy of this bad description:

Chevy Volt is the “poster boy” for Green propaganda BS!

As long as the “goody two shoes, granola eating, uninformed green crowd” keeps voting these “pie in the sky green dreamers” into power at Council level expect more whacky projects to be rolled out to support a fake industry that is designed for only one thing, FREE MONEY!

City of Toronto Electric charge stations; The Bruce Lourie connections

A National Post article of June 15, 2012 described how the City of Toronto was granted $65,000 by a City owned foundation; Toronto Atmospheric Fund (TAF) to set up five (5) charging stations for electric vehicles. Mike Layton, Toronto City Councillor who is a member of the “public works and infrastructure committee” stated;

“We all know that this is the direction that singular vehicle transport is going in,” and went on to say; “Why we wouldn’t at least try out something at very limited cost to the city, to get ready for the revolution that is going to happen, is beyond me.”
 The latter remark is presumably because the article said; “Every boost will be free.” 

On that latter point this once again appears to be a situation where a cost/benefit study is ignored. If you run some numbers you quickly discern that this could cost ratepayers $340,000 annually for electricity consumed and cost the province $300,000 in forgone taxes. The foregoing numbers are based on free consumption of 2,000 kWh (kilowatt hours) per year per vehicle (16 kWh required to recharge the Chevy Volt for every 100 km) and the loss of provincial taxes on the sale of 750 litres of gasoline (6 litres per 100 km) based on 100 electric vehicles. So the limited cost in Mr. Layton’s assertion (aside from the $65,000 grant from TAF) will actually cost Ontarians over $600,000. Looking back TAF has provided close to $300,000 in additional grants to the city of Toronto that are all related to fleet conversion examinations or studies. TAF also provided a grant to York University for charging station research and other significant grants ($152,000) to something called the International Council for local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) for similar vehicle related fleet conversion studies.

Not mentioned in the NP article is the fact that Mr. Layton is a member of the Board of Directors of TAF or that he was formerly a Deputy Outreach Director for Environmental Defence or that he obtained his Masters in Environmental Sciences from York University or that he sat on the Great Lakes Commission Wind Collaborative Steering Committee.  TAF has in the past promoted the placement of industrial wind turbines in Lake Ontario providing a grant to Toronto Hydro for their offshore wind study and has also provided grants to Environmental Defence.  Mr. Layton claims in his biography he “championed” the Green Energy and Green Economy Act.  Coincidentally Bruce Lourie is intimately involved with Environmental Defence, got his Masters at York’s Environmental Studies faculty, and was very much involved with the creation of the Green Energy Act.

The article indicates there were 400 electric vehicles in the Province (presumably at the date of the article) but “city staff” were not sure how many owners lived in Toronto. The Long Term Energy Plan [now Ontario’s official plan because the Integrated Electric System Plan (IPSP II) has been scrapped by the current Energy Minister, Chris Bentley] stated that “by 2020, about 1 in every 20 vehicles on the road will be electric.” That target would mean Ontario would have approximately 420,000 electric cars on the road by that date based on 2009 statistics from Ontario’s Ministry of Transport. Only 419,600 to go to meet the LTEP’s target.

Ben Marans of TAF is also quoted in the article and said:

“These are the type of projects we’re trying to cultivate with the city,” said Ben Marans; and went on to state; “The focus is not to see is it good business for the city of Toronto to have public charge stations. But the real opportunity is to understand the issues with putting an asset in the public realm.”

That the city is handing out free electricity to only those who can afford to purchase electric vehicles says a lot about how environmental NGOs view the world. Those who can’t afford air conditioners during heat waves and those who must change their lifestyle so they can pay their electricity bills are simply a casualty of those who supposedly have a vision and purpose they believe will save the world from GWG or climate change or whatever tomorrow may bring.

Mr. Marans “linkedin” profile indicates he sits as a Director on the Canadian Environmental Grantmakers Network, which Bruce Lourie founded, and has links to Julia Langer, the Executive Director of TAF which shows her link to Bruce Lourie, Rick Smith of Environmental Defence and Peter Love (another Lourie compatriot).  Another of Marans links is to Mary Pickering VP of TAF who has Mike Layton linked and he in turn has a link to Rick Smith.

As noted above, TAF funded various parties with over $500,000 to study the concept of vehicle conversion and related issues on top of this latest gambit.

In spite of all the taxpayer money thrown at the studies, the closing of most of Ontario’s coal generation, the addition of well over 2,000 MW of renewable energy to the electricity grid, lots of new gas generation, Ontario has had more advisory days and more smog days in 2012 (as at July 23rd it was 24) then 2003 when coal produced 25% of all electricity consumed.

One must wonder exactly what has been accomplished? The evidence points to a continual waste of taxpayer dollars, disbursed by taxpayer owned institutions and then consumed by ENGOs!  Those tax dollars do nothing more then spin the wheels while mesmerizing the politicians who seem to believe that spending money on these schemes may actually accomplish a reduction in greenhouse gases or somehow affect climate change.

Welcome to the big top of the “Barnum & Bailey” climate change world, where there is a sucker born every minute!

Parker Gallant, 
July 23, 2012


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