McGuinty ready to “jump ship”?………..massive scandals piling up at his front door!

Posted: July 21, 2012 in Uncategorized

How long will it be before Dalton McGuinty pulls the plug on his so-called leadership in Ontario?

Scandal after scandal on an almost weekly basis is building up and either a person who is absolutely covered in Bubble Wrap and deaf not to mention blind wouldn’t want to be in this guys shoes right now.

The tragic shootings this week in Toronto have eased the pressure of the ORNGE debacle from his “question and answer run around” but that too will not save this Government from getting back to the one question that keeps popping up…………..“Where did the money go”?

Tragedy trumps Grit scandals 

Liberals’ horrendous abuse of public funds — Ornge, gas plants — off the front pages





Former Ornge CEO Chris Mazza testifies last Wednesday at an Ontario government committee looking into the troubled air ambulance service. ANTONELLA ARTUSO/TORONTO SUN

Pardon my cynicism, but I can’t help thinking Premier Dalton McGuinty breathed a massive sigh of relief when Toronto exploded in gunfire last week.

The horrific Scarborough shooting that killed two and wounded more than 20 swept the stories of gross mismanagement on the part of his government from the front pages.

Instead of having his feet held to the fire over the Ornge air ambulance scandal and the fiasco surrounding the $190 million it will cost to move a power plant, McGuinty can now point fingers at the feds and demand a handgun ban.

The committee probing Ornge heard stunning testimony from former CEO Chris Mazza last week.

It was a bizarre spectacle.

Shaking, on the verge of tears, Mazza was still defiant as he answered tough questions about his staggering pay hike.

He told the committee he couldn’t remember how much he made in 2010.

In fact, his salary went from $284,000 in 2006 to a stunning $1.4 million last year. Not included in that amount is another $1.2 million in loans and bonuses.

Then there was the sorry tale of his water-ski instructor girlfriend, Kelly Long, who became a vice president at Ornge, not because of their relationship — oh, no, surely not — but because she had “substantive abilities.” I’m sure.

While all this is very titillating, the greater question is where was the oversight?

Was the entire health ministry asleep at the switch?……………………………………….


This all plays into Liberal leadership politics.

It’s expected McGuinty will step down soon. Bentley and Duncan are both seen as frontrunners to replace him.

You can’t help wondering if Bentley was given the contentious energy portfolio because the party hoped he’d wear the controversy over the plant.

With all these unseemly scandals to account for, it’s no wonder McGuinty preferred to do a little hand-wringing and tut-tutting over gun violence.



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