Dwight Duncan’s stance an “insult to Rural Ontarians”!

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It is becoming quite clear that the language of debate with McGuinty’s fellow Ministers is becoming more hard lined and more derogatory as the people of Ontario are showing signs of being fed up with the two sided answers they hear when McGuinty’s announcements and arguments are offered up in public.

From the E Health scandal to the ORNGE scandal all the way up to the Mississauga gas plant debacle, Ontarians know how badly they are being abused and drained of valuable funds by this dysfunctional Government.

When asked for explanations why they do what they do, we first get a flippant and off the cuff answer that explains nothing yet when pressed and badgered because nobody believes the answer we then get a blame game where each department offers up a different answerlike achild that’s been caught stealing cookies!

Now we are finally seeing opposition politicians beginning to show a little bravado and doing what they should have been doing all along, they are using the language of the people to disarm the various BS answers that up to now have been aimed at the the “stooges” as the Liberals would see us, the people!

Duncan on the defensive during questions from MPP Pettapiece

“Every circumstance is different” — Finance Minister Dwight Duncan on cancelling power plant in Mississauga while ignoring wind opposition in rural Ontario

July 20, 2012 MPP Randy Pettapiece

(Perth-Wellington) – Provincial finance minister Dwight Duncan was on the defensive this week amid blistering criticism over the Liberal party’s decision, just days before the last provincial election, to cancel construction of a gas plant then underway in Mississauga.

Duncan appeared before the all-party Standing Committee on Estimates on July 19, when he faced tough questions from Perth-Wellington MPP Randy Pettapiece and other opposition members. Pettapiece wanted to know why the government would listen to the people of Mississauga on large-scale energy projects while ignoring similar concerns in rural and small-town Ontario.

Pettapiece asked: “Your government made the decision to move [the gas plant] and made that campaign promise in September. Did you poll the residents of Mississauga about whether they wanted it there?”

The minister claimed he had not conducted a poll, but said, “It was in newspapers. We did meet with the mayors. We meet with local mayors… I heard from our local members. I read the newspapers. I watched the news.”

Yet, under the Green Energy Act, the McGuinty government stripped planning authority from municipalities – of which rural municipalities are most affected – when it comes to wind turbines.

Pettapiece informed the minister of the survey by the Elma-Mornington Concerned Citizens, a community group in North Perth, which found that 96 percent of residents affected by the Invenergy turbine proposal are opposed to the project.

“Will you listen to them, sir?” demanded Pettapiece.

“Every circumstance is different. We have an important policy–” Duncan responded.

Pettapiece persisted, interjecting: “No, sir. Will you listen to them?” Pettapiece later asked the minister why he would tolerate “NIMBYism” in Mississauga, but won’t listen to rural Ontario when it comes to industrial wind farms. His responses left Pettapiece extremely disappointed.

“The Liberals’ double-standard is an insult to rural and small-town Ontario, and an insult to the people of Perth-Wellington,” he said following his exchange with the minister. “The minister confirmed what we’ve known all along—votes in Etobicoke and Mississauga are more important to the Liberals than our voices in rural Ontario.”

Recently the government revealed that its decision to cancel the Mississauga plant would cost taxpayers $180 million – only to revise that number to $190 million. Duncan admitted the decision to cancel the plant came from the Liberal campaign team, and that cabinet did not discuss the idea until after the election

– 30 –

Randy Pettapiece, MPP
Phone   519-272-0660 / 1-800-461-9701
Email    randy.pettapiececo@pc.ola.org.


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