ORNGE SCANDAL: “we’ve heard from Mazza……we’ve heard from Matthews”…one of them is lying!

Posted: July 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

So now that Chris Mazza has gone through his “grilling” yesterday on what happened inside ORNGE even though nobody actually asked the most important question yesterday: “where did the money go?”.…………we get to hear from Deb Matthews again about her statements she made previously.

Matthews stated publicly that she was stonewalled at every turn by ORNGE when questioned about performance, YET Mazza stated that the Ontario Government had “unbelievable control” over ORNGE’s operations.

Someone is lying!

What Ontarians are really eager to know at this point would be: “what happens to the ones who are lying?” Would they be charged criminally? Would they offer up an apology and hope the whole affair just goes away? Will McGuinty once in his 9 year experiment of spending our tax dollars, finally “fess up” to being dysfunctional and resign?

But then in the quirky surrealistic world of Provincial politics if everyone LIES then everyone gets off scott free!

ORNGE: Matthews willing to testify again

July 19, 2012 The Canadian Press

Health Minister Deb Matthews says she’s willing to answer more questions about ORNGE from a legislative committee probing Ontario’s troubled air ambulance service.

The New Democrats plan to recall Matthews, saying the testimony of ousted ORNGE CEO Chris Mazza flies in the face of her claim that she was unaware of what was going on at Ornge.

Mazza told the committee Wednesday that the Ministry of Health was regularly briefed on ORNGE’s activities and supported its efforts to build a web of spinoff companies that later made questionable business deals.

ORNGE, which is winding up those for-profit subsidiaries, is currently under a criminal investigation for financial irregularities. Allegations of bloated executive salaries, exorbitant perks and the misuse of public dollars have been swirling for months.

Mazza said that until recently, the governing Liberals supported him “100 per cent” and were “proud” of what ORNGE was doing.

His testimony contradicts the government’s claims that the publicly funded organization had gone rogue.

So Matthews needs to set the record straight, said NDP health critic France Gélinas.


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