Sound familiar?…….Let us drive you into energy poverty OR we’ll sue you!!!!

Posted: July 17, 2012 in Uncategorized

This is the attitude of the Wind Scammers/developers that Governments have allowed to operate within democratic societies these days.

Skypower here in Ontario just last week threatened to sue Ontario citizens with massive lawsuits if the Government didn’t give them approval on their Solar applications which they have applied for to reap the massive profits through Ontario’s Feed In Tariff Program McGuinty has established against the wishes of his electorate!

So when people rail against the destruction to their homes and health by these “developers” and their bobble heads inside Queen’s Park, this is the type of people they will deal with on a face to face basis.


Energy prices to surge

Danny Fortson  The Sunday Times 15 July 2012

Wind farms are at the centre of a battle over subsidies (Alamy)

ELECTRICITY BILLS are set to soar under a new subsidy regime that will lock in generous payouts for offshore wind and biomass power developers for years to come.

The controversial scheme, likely to be unveiled this week, has been delayed for several months by bitter disagreements between the Department of Energy and Climate Change, which wants to promote low-carbon investment, and the Treasury, which wants to keep a lid on spending.

The dispute is part of a deeper clash at Whitehall. One in five households is “fuel poor” — when more than 10% of its income goes on energy bills — but the government is nonetheless pushing ahead with a radical £200 billion overhaul of the energy industry that promises to ramp up bills even further.

The latest squabble centres on the subsidies paid to onshore wind farms. In February, 101 Tory MPs called for dramatic cuts to the £400m-a-year assistance for wind generators. Developers are paid double the market price of electricity.

The energy department was set to unveil a rejigged scheme for all renewable technologies — wind, biomass, waste from energy — in March. This included a proposed 10% cut to the onshore wind payout.

George Osborne, the chancellor, attempted to push through a 25% reduction, but the renewables industry threatened legal action. It is understood that the energy department is still debating the final figure this weekend, but it is expected to reveal an amount closer to the original 10% reduction before parliament rises on Tuesday for its summer recess.

Subsidies for offshore wind, which receives three times the wholesale electricity price, are likely to remain unchanged.



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