Inside McGuinty’s Green Energy “gang”…………”what a wicked web they weave”!

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The following reads like the “who’s who” of  the “Gang Green” that are sucking your hard earned dollars down the never ending pipe of “green dreams” they created to siphon billions out of Canadian citizens pockets.

McGuinty and “Gang Green” are so entrenched within this “culture of entitlement” that one must wonder how a member could ever get out without serious harm coming to them.

Sound like a Mafia movie?

Ha!…….at least when people deal with the Mafia it’s very clear who your face to face with.

Like spiders who hide away from the web they spin, are all but invisible, but the “poor sap” that lands in it learns veryquickly how bad things can get.

WE apparently are those “poor saps”!

Bruce Lourie’s Spider Web Expands

Earlier articles have expounded on the Lourie reach via his conglomerate of charities, not-for-profits and for profit companies his biography claims he founded. This article will focus on two more of those.

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The first is the Clean Energy Efficiency Alliance (CEEA) headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario. While Lourie claims he founded CEEA a document (no longer available) that appeared on a City of Toronto’s webpage dated March 25, 1999 when Lourie made a presentation to Toronto’s City Council stated the Alliance was “Established in 1995 as a non-profit corporation by Ontario Hydro”. Efforts to confirm the latter were unsuccessful.

The first encounter the writer had with CEEA co-incidently was in respect to research on the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association (OSEA) and their claim to the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) for cost eligibility in respect to several applications where they had obtained “intervener” status. I discovered that CEEA were doing the same and determined that they too should not be eligible for costs. Pleadings to the OEB were received favourably and both CEEA & OSEA were denied costs. The principle reason for the denial was the list of CEEA members many of whom came from the public sector and included Hydro One, OPG, Toronto Hydro, Horizon Utilities, Milton Hydro, etc. While the submission to the OEB was made by a major Bay Street legal firm all correspondence from the OEB was requested to be sent to Marion Fraser, whose biography filed with the OEB reads like she has almost as many relationships as Bruce Lourie; even to serving several years in the Ministry of Energy where she claims she “Crafted the overall plan for smart metering in Ontario’s energy sector.”
CEEA currently reports about 20 members including Pembina and Pollution Probe and 5 public utility companies. They also list CEEA’s spinoff “Enerquality” as a “corporate” member. More about them later and interestingly enough the current Board Chair of CEEA is Corey McBurney, President of Enerquality.

The current President of CEEA is Ken Elsey, and he was involved with CEEA Transport which received special mentions in the 2009 Auditor General of Canada’s Spring 2009 report as follows:

“What we found 

  • Before signing the five contribution agreements, NRCan[1] knew that a consultant who had provided services to the Department relating to the contribution programs would also be working for the organizations that received NRCan funding under these programs. In our view, this is a conflict of interest that NRCan did not identify.
  • Payments totaling about $3.2 million that NRCan made under the contribution agreement with CEEA Transport were not in accordance with the terms and conditions of the agreement. Similarly, payments to the Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance and the Canadian Natural Gas Vehicle Alliance were not in accordance with the terms and conditions of their contribution agreements. The Department also did not satisfy its obligation under section 34 of the Financial Administration Act, which, in the case of a contribution agreement, requires certification that amounts are paid in accordance with the terms and conditions of the agreement.”

1. Natural Resources Canada

The testimony of Sheila Fraser to the Public Accounts Committee was damning in respect to the handling of contracts by NRCan with CEEA and noted consulting fees paid to them ($712,000) were substantial along with allowing a “conflict of interest” situation to occur. Its no surprise that Mr. Elsey on April 5, 2011 filed to surrender CEEA Transport’s Charter.

Another interesting aspect of CEEA is that they issue “report cards” to each province and territory and their latest, released for 2009, gave Ontario an A+ mainly because they enacted the Green Energy & Economy Act, which Mr. Lourie had a big hand in creating both as a member of the Ontario Power Authority’s Board of Directors and as CEO of the Ivey Foundation via its membership in the  Green Energy Act Alliance.

As also noted above; Pollution Probe are a “non-profit” member of CEEA and PP held their “Gala Dinner” back in November 2011 at which Mr. Lourie and the usual cadre of environmentalists were present. The attendees included Marion Fraser, Rick Smith, Deborah Doncaster, Energy Minister Chris Bentley and former Energy Minister, Brad Duguid. Another attendee was Don Huff of EcoStrategy whose client list purportedly includes, the Ontario Power Authority, CEEA and OSEA along with the Environment Commissioner of Ontario. Huff claims that George Smitherman seconded him for “lead up to the passage of the Green Energy and Economy Act.”

Moving on to Enerquality, a Summer 2000 Newletter of CEEA had this quote from Bruce Lourie;

“I am happy to report that EnerQuality Corporation, the Alliance’s subsidiary that runs the R-2000 Home Program in Ontario, is taking-off and exceeding the ambitious performance expectations it set for itself.”

Based on the Sheila Fraser testimony as noted above one must also wonder how much the program contributed to the revenue stream of Enerquality presumably with funds coming from the Federal Office of Energy Efficiency and the Ontario Municipal Affairs and Housing office who are both listed as “Resources” on the Enerquality website.

The Canadian Federation of University Women, Ontario Council held their AGM May 11th & 12th of this year and as keynote speakers had Peter Love (listed as a co-founder of Enerquality), Jose Etcheverry, Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies, York University, Faculty of Environmental Studies (where Lourie obtained his Masters in Environmental Studies) and Adarsh Metha, former chair of CanWEA along with Rolph Torrie, who is affiliated with the David Suzuki Foundation. The theme of the AGM was “Is a Future Without Fossil Fuels Viable?” While the presentations don’t readily appear anywhere I have no doubt that the answer from this group of speakers would have been an unequivocal “yes”. That the CFUW wouldn’t hear opposing views is unfortunate as most sane observers of the electricity sector would recognize the bias presented in the speeches. Based on the fact that Ontario has, so far, had more smog days in 2012 then it had in 2003 when coal supplied 25% of our consumption is something that would easily dispute any claim that wind and solar generation are cleansing Ontario’s air.

Enerquality appears to have seven (7) partners that they work with to administer the five (5) programs aimed at the residential construction industry and two of those partners are NRCan and the OPA.  Exactly how those partners interact is unclear and whether Enerquality is a for-profit or a not-for-profit is also unclear. No reference or information related to Enerquality’s financial well-being or how they are paid is clear from viewing their website but one must assume that the home builders must either be paying Enerquality or their Provincial and Federal partners are picking up the costs.

One thing is obvious in reviewing the Lourie connections; transparency is not high on his agenda but from the perspective of this taxpayer it would be nice to know where the money is going as the Spider Web doesn’t attach any dollars to the numerous participants that now occupy it!

Parker Gallant, 

July 15, 2012


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