Here’s the kind of Companies that McGuinty “gives our money to”, to NOT build anything!!!!

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Talk about going from bad to worse!

First he cancels the original site for the gas plant in Mississauga in order to win 4 seats in his 2010 election, even though he would never admit that one!

Then Bentley, our astute Energy Minister, agrees to pay the firms who were contracted to build this plant, 180,000,000.00 dollars of OUR money to move the plant to Sarnia.

Now we find out exactly what type of companies are involved in this cess pit of payments in lieu of any meaningful return.

I assume that “donations” have always guaranteed a receptive ear from Governments once they grab power and the purse strings of the taxpayers when companies tender out for projects.

This story is no different and far from it would we suggest that these firms received any preferential treatment when the tenders for the Mississauga gas plant were issued.

I’ll leave that up to you to answer!

Gas-fired plant in Mississauga: Appearance of conflict of interest

July 16, 201


October 25, nearly three weeks after the election, the machinery always arrived on site.   © Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario

EXCLUSIVE – CBC has learned that some companies which have been compensated by the Government to cancel construction of the gas plant in Mississauga are regular donors to the campaign coffers of the Liberal Party.

The Province provided $ 180 million for breach of contract, after abruptly canceled the construction of the plant, during an election campaign in September 2011.

The money came at two of these companies, who lived in serious financial difficulty.

Eastern Power and Greenfield South could not find backers, despite a 20-year contract with the Government of Ontario’s electricity supply.

In 2010, Morgan Stanley has denied a loan of 335 million.

Documents obtained by CBC show that had several financial concerns, including:

  • The inexperience of the companies in the construction of such a plant
  • Debt levels too high
  • The lack of liquidity and reserves

Eastern Power and Greenfield South have also been unable to build the gas plant in Mississauga on time.

The deadline has been postponed five times in seven years.

These are two small businesses, run by brothers, Hubert and Gregory Vogt. They are both president, treasurer and secretary of the board, with some additional partners.

Contributions to the campaign fund

In addition, two companies that benefit from the compensation of the province are regular donors to the campaign coffers of the Liberal Party of Ontario.

Eastern Power and its subcontractor, Construction Aberlici gave together almost 20 000 dollars in five years the Liberal Party of Dalton McGuinty.

  • $ 3000 in 2007
  • 4000 dollars in 2008
  • 9000 dollars in 2009
  • $ 3000 in 2010

In 2009, Eastern Power and Aberlici Construction donated $ 9,000 to the Liberals in the election in Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock.


  1. peter says:

    I hadn’t read this before i made my comment on OWR.
    Just goes to show how quickly one learns about this BGL
    Great blog

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