Why won’t McGuinty allow the public to see the financials of the LHIN’s?

Posted: July 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

Is this just another E Health or ORNGE scandal starting?

McGuinty aka. Deb Matthews is withholding the public viewing of the financial results of the McGuinty-formed Local Health Integrated Networks of 14 agencies across Ontario for the past 2+ years. WHY?

It’s not that Ontarians even trust this Government any more with even public announcements but when the Government intentionally delays the overdue financial results of this organization then one’s imagination can only come up with one conclusion. They have something to hide!

It’s also not like the LHIN’s haven’t had their share of scandals…………….see this article:

What are you trying to hide Dalton???????

Delays in LHIN reporting unacceptable

  • Sat Jul 14 2012 The Spec

It should not be so dramatically difficult for the Ontario government to release annual reports for the province’s 14 Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs) in an open and timely manner.

In fact, the province should have put extra effort into publishing the annual reports for the periods covering April 1, 2010, to March 31, 2011, and April 1, 2011, to March 31, 2012, given that two summers ago, two years’ worth of annual reports for the LHINs also languished somewhere beyond public scrutiny.

The annual reports contain each LHIN’s financial results and indicate how they are performing across several key health-care variables.

A spokesperson for Health Minister Deb Matthews told The Spectator the 2010/11 annual reports will be made public sometime this summer. She said that “2010/11 marked the fourth year that the LHINs had full authority under the Local Health System Integration Act for their local health system (and) as a result, the reports from this year are more comprehensive than previous years’ reports.”

Certainly the reports should be thoroughly reviewed by the government. But taking some 12 months to review the 2010/11 reports is simply ridiculous.

The delay makes Matthews’ ministry in particular and Dalton McGuinty’s government in general look bad because it’s happened before and it creates a perception there is something to hide. How can the public be expected to have confidence in the LHIN model if the government that created the model seems to be demonstrating a lack of confidence? It’s difficult to fathom what possible political benefit there is in delaying the reports yet again. The whole thing carries a bad odour, which makes it difficult not to speculate the reports will bring bad news.


  1. P. McArthur says:

    See above Marian Fraser, McGuinty’s advisor on energy during his tenure. She sits on the board of directors of Solar Flow-Through just approved for 16MW of solar power. That is where all the solar projects are going – to McGuinty’s insiders.$$$$$ to the insiders. June 24, 2013
    Ontario Power Authority Approves Seventy Solar Flow-Through Projects for Final Review Stage

  2. ’cause LHINs are filled with Liberal cronies who don’t know how to tie their own shoelaces, let alone run anything..

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