Are Ontario Voters as “dumb as a bag of broken hammers”??????

Posted: July 11, 2012 in Uncategorized

One would assume that Ontario is populated with a real “bright” bunch of mouth breathing, foot dragging “palookas” who wouldn’t know the difference between a politician and a dime store mannequin when it comes to picking winning and losing Government leaders!

Take McGuinty and Gang…………..please!!!!……………… much has it cost US to elect them into power so they can rip, steal and weasel as much $$$ out of OUR pockets as they can without going to jail?

LOTS!……………I realize hard numbers are hard for the average Ontarian to comprehend………… I’ll use words like LOTS and a WHOLE PILE!

Once a proud place to call home one can only “assume” that now Ontario is populated with such a “dumbed down” version of humanity that if there weren’t awnings over patios, people would drown when it rained like turkeys do when they look up at the rain with their mouths open!

Maybe a bit harsh but I bet a nickel to a donut that a conversation between McGuinty and his fellow MPP’s that are behind closed doors goes something like this:………………….Geez Boys and Gals…………….we got away with another billion dollars of those “losers” money without one single charge against us………….these people WE represent are so slow that I bet we can eventually run up a cost per MPP to get voted in at 1/2 billion bucks!………..hows that for being number one in the world………..wait ’till those bunch of globalist fools at the U.N. find out………..boy oh boy will they “envy” us.

Shame on every single Ontarian to allow this Gang to continue this rip-off!

Cost Estimates for Liberal MPP Seats in Ontario 

With the announcement that the Ontario Minister of Energy, Chris Bentley, has reached a settlement agreement with EIG, the financer of the Greenfield South Power project, we can now estimate the cost of retaining a Liberal seat in the Province. The announcement indicated the plant would be relocated to Sarnia and it would cost an additional $180 million (approximately $2,300 per eligible Mississauga South voter) raising the overall cost of the 275 MW gas generation plant to $480 million.

We are sure that MPP Charles Sousa who retained his seat is delighted with the relatively low cost as compared to the upcoming settlement with TransCanada for the cancellation of the Oakville 975 MW gas plant. The $180 million Mississauga costs adds approximately $643,000 per MW and using that example the Oakville cancellation may add over $600 million (approximately $5,500 per eligible Oakville voter) in settlement costs for the relocation of the Oakville gas plant for retention of MPP Kevin Flynn’s seat paid for by all the ratepayers of Ontario.

The one concern that the taxpayers of the province should now have is how much the Liberals will spend to win the Kitchener/Waterloo seat that PC MPP Elizabth Witmer has recently vacated. The Liberals have already pledged $300 million ($3,300 per eligible Kitchener/Waterloo voter) towards the cost of the light rail rapid transit line but that may not be enough.
If retention of Flynn’s seat turns out to cost the estimated $600 million ($5,500 per elegible voter), winning a seat will likely cost Ontario’s taxpayers a lot more.

We should expect to see more announcements from the Liberals at Queens Park as soon as the McGuinty government sets the date for the by-election as I am sure he would dearly love to say upon his retirement as Premier; the Ontario Liberals retained a majority under my watch over three elections.

Can money buy votes? You bet it can, and the Ontario Liberals are doing their best to ensure that it does exactly that with our tax dollars.

Parker Gallant
July 10, 2012

  1. bonnieferris says:

    I have worked by entire adult life for the provincial Liberals, including running the campaign of a successful MPP in the GTA. I am disgusted at the undemocratic policies of McGuinty’s government in subsidizing European companies to impose massive, UNWELCOME, industrial wind facilities in rural neighbourhoods. That MPP that I assisted in getting elected? He won’t return my calls, my emails or meet me at Queen’s Park. He sent me propaganda produced by a wind turbine developer as the only response to my concerns. None of these jokers could reinstate my faith in this party.

  2. lucifer says:

    mcstinky being killed would be good news

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