Canada’s Federal Government authorizes a Health Study on Wind Turbines!

Posted: July 10, 2012 in Uncategorized

Not good news for the “Provincial cowards” who have saddled this Province with the Wind Farm Scam and Greed Energy Scam!

Abandoned homes, sick people and loss of incomes,loss of land values and murder of wildlife are just a few of the lasting memories that our Premier McGuinty has inflicted on this once fair Province.

Of course we all know that Governments move at a snail’s pace except when they grab your hard earned dollars through taxes and service fees.

Prime Minister Harper has given Health Canada the go-ahead to do a Health Study on how much harm do Industrial Wind Turbines do to people who live within their proximity.

The study shouldn’t take long even though the Government states it will be completed in 2014. There are enough studies already done by affected people that they could probably fill a whole library!

Here’s the page from the Government of Canada that one should use to contact various parties who are asking for input!

Health Canada

Environmental and Workplace Health

July 10/12

Notice to Stakeholders – Health Canada Wind Turbine Noise and Health Study

Health Canada is working with Statistics Canada and other external experts possessing expertise in areas including noise, health assessment, clinical medicine and epidemiology, to design a research study that will explore the relationship between wind turbine noise and the extent of health effects reported by, and objectively measured in, those living near wind power developments. The design methodology will be peer-reviewed by the World Health Organization as well as multidisciplinary experts in conference settings.

The research design for this Health Canada study is being posted for a 30-day comment period to allow public review and input. Feedback obtained through the consultation, as well as the responses provided by Health Canada officials, will be compiled and posted on the Department’s website in alignment with transparent business practices.

This study will contribute to an area of ongoing global research. Currently, there is insufficient evidence to conclude whether or not there is a relationship between exposure to the noise from wind turbines and adverse human health effects, although community annoyance and other concerns have been reported to Health Canada and in the scientific literature.

Health Canada’s approach will support decision makers by strengthening the evidence base of peer-reviewed scientific research that ultimately supports decisions, advice and policies regarding wind power development proposals, installations and operations in Canada.

Specific details related to the study locations, timing and survey components will be made available on the Health Canada website upon completion of the research in order to protect the integrity of the study. Premature disclosure may lead to bias in the research setting. All findings, as well as details of the methodology, will be released and published on the Health Canada website upon completion of the study. Results will also be published in the peer-reviewed scientific literature.

Further information, including the names of members of the research design committee overseeing the study, can be found below under Additional Information.

Health Canada looks forward to providing additional details as they become available.


The draft methodology is open for comment starting July 10, 2012 until August 08, 2012.

Please provide your comments on Health Canada’s Wind Turbine Noise and Health Study Design by email or fax to:

David S. Michaud, PhD
Principal Investigator
Consumer and Clinical Radiation Protection Bureau
Healthy Environments and Consumer Safety Branch
Health Canada
Fax: 613-941-1734

Additional Information:


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