Ontario uses Police to shut up Democratic Citizens!!!!

Posted: July 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

How bad does it have to get before the PEOPLE of Ontario stand up on their “hind legs” and say: “we’re mad as hell and we ain’t gonna ta take it any more!!!”

Pembina Institute which is located in Alberta and is a huge lobby group promoting “green industry”, dragged a farmer from Alberta with them to Ontario to try and show how great these Wind Turbines are on her ranch in Alberta. Of course they say they never paid her to come but they won’t mention how much money she is getting paid by the Wind Industry for hosting these monsters on her ranch!

Dalton McGuinty’s Green Energy Scam has created such a blatant anti-democratic arena for Wind Developers and “sold-out” citizens to play in that it begs disbelief that we can witness this type of behaviour in our once fair Province!

The urban dwellers will never see what is bubbling below the surface of this corrupt and sleazy Industry unless they leave their safe little condos and venture into the wilds of Rural Ontario!

The following is just one example how the Province and their wind allies are using OUR Police resources to promote their malicious and destructive Green Agenda where it isn’t welcome!

If this doesn’t get your “blood boiling” then maybe you should book a one way trip to North Korea where this type of behaviour is sanctioned!

Pembina Tim Weis & Heidi Eijgel: Sacrifice Rural Ontario for Wind Turbines


In London, Ontario the Pembina Institute thought that Tim Weis & Heidi Eijgel could help sway the local opinion of Industrial Wind Turbines in our community. They were wrong. At the front door we were checked for paper — yes, any anti-turbine flyers were not permitted, and you would be charged with trespassing by any of the numerous police present that night if you took a piece of paper in. So the objective of the night was to provide the pro-wind side to whoever walked in, and any information that did not fit that bill would be removed, even testimonies from those who live with turbines in ONTARIO, were told to just write their questions on a comment card – they will not be allowed to speak at all. So we sat and listened to a woman from ALBERTA tell us how we should all get involved in the process (I know, like how much more involved should we get?) so that we can help with the decision making. It seems to me that she hasn’t met the Green Energy Act in her province yet, where all input from local communities is removed.

  1. Wow, have you heard of paranoid schizophrenia? Think we’ve got a big dose of it right here. The author of this blog is of particular worry. I think you were sick well before the wind turbines came to town. Time to seek some help and stop infecting people with your depraved ideas. You are hurting people. Please stop.

  2. Until we UNITE and fight under one group, we’re just like fish out of water, flopping around on the beach with no power whatsoever. I’ve said it from day one. All of these groups fighting this battle on their own is a useless waste of time.
    Rural Ontario needs to come together to fight this dragon. Until then, we’re doomed. One group worth considering joining is Ontario Neighbours United. It’s just a fledgling, but it’s got the right idea to topple this regime.

  3. atomcat says:

    Why do people continue to attend these meeting and ask the same questions? Will people ever get their act together? So far it doesn’t sound or look like it. Not to F@#$ing bright folks. Not being rude…..just honest!

  4. Yes!!!! People are waking up to these fascist shills providing cover for McGuinty’s crony capitalist buddies. They don’t care about the environment, they hate humanity!!!

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