McGuinty should resign!…when his electorate publicly call him and his cohorts “COWARDS”!!!!!

Posted: July 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

Exactly how low can a politician go before he/she RESIGNS?

That is the question that should be asked every day of this Premier until he does the right thing and admits he has lost all “respect” from Ontario Citizens across this once fair Province!

Two weeks ago people gathered in North Bay to confront Premier Dalton McGuinty and Minister Rick Bartolucci but were greeted with a no show publicly, while they hid inside the halls of Laurentian University!

Is that any way for a politician to act when “outside” his safe haven of fortified Queen’s Park where he continually issues press releases that Ontario is in great shape, financially strong and has strong leadership even though every informed Ontarian knows much better!

Rural Ontario has turned it’s back on the Liberal Party that is hanging onto power by tenderhooks and now witnesses this display of cowardness by hiding from the Rural Public when visiting “their” local community.

McGuinty Liberals should be ashamed of themselves – OPINION

 North Bay Nugget

Updated 12 days ago

That was an amazing demonstration held at Sudbury on Saturday.

Everyone was there, representing every segment of North Bay and Northeastern Ontario society. The unions were there, the chamber of commerce was there, people from as far away as Hearst were there.

To their eternal shame Premier Dalton McGuinty and Minister of Abandonment Rick Bartolucci were also there but hiding out in Laurentian University.

There is one word that someone must have used but perhaps reporter PJ Wilson is too much of a gentleman to have recorded it. It is simple.


This whole wretched ONTC affair has been characterized by one singular quality. It reeks of political cowardice.

Or is it political blackmail?

North Bay did not vote for the Liberals and neither did much of the North. Is it being punished?

Down south, grants for public transit are investments in the future. In the North they become uneconomic subsidies for a population expected to return to the dog sled.

McGuinty and Bartolucci’s stabbed North Bay in the heart, but neither had the courage to appear in this city or any other part of the North awaiting the McGuinty knife.

It is a sad commentary on politics in Ontario.

God help this province if the country faces a real attack.

Will the politicians stand with the people or cower like poltroons in their bomb shelters or more likely hightail it to some foreign shore?

There was a benefit in this demonstration. People of all kinds and conditions stood together for a common purpose. This unity must not be forgotten in what may be tough times ahead.

If the North becomes divided it risks disaster. United, great obstacles can be overcome.

Northern Ontario will not forget the gutless wonders of 2012.


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