Can “Green Energy Consumers” really be this STUPID?????

Posted: July 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

Just like when Bullfrog Power in Toronto states in their window displays that “this building is powered by Bullfrog Power” and people reading it assume that a building like the Toronto Convention Centre is powered by “green renewable electricity” think, “isn’t that lovely…………green energy that’s saving the planet”!

So in reality how can one distinguish between what is going through the lines into a building is Green Energy and what the eco-whackos call “dirty energy”?

They can’t!!!!

But that doesn’t stop renewable scammers from promoting their “pie in the sky” false ads. Here’s a story from Australia showing how gullible people can really be and how this gullibility is the basis for most renewable industries contracts with unsuspecting and really uneducated consumers!


ABC Updated July 3, 2012, 5:32 pm

Dozens of customers have pulled out of a green power scheme in WA because they are being slugged with the carbon tax.

Electricity provider Synergy is passing on the costs of the carbon price to all its customers, including over 7,000 who pay a premium to support renewable energy.

The Greens and the Sustainable Energy Association have reported the move to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, and the Energy Ombudsman has also been notified.

Synergy says the additional cost due to the carbon tax will be partially offset by a reduction in the natural power premium.

Green’s spokesperson, Alison Xamon says the principle is outrageous.

“It makes an absolute mockery of those customers who have done the right thing from the very beginning by purchasing green power,” she said.

“By paying that extra amount that they are now going to be hit with the full cost of the price on carbon.”

Synergy has defended its decision not to exempt green power customers.

Synergy spokesman Andrew Gaspar says it is not possible to distinguish between the type of energy, renewable or non-renewable, that is actually supplied to those households.

“The way the green power scheme works, and it works like this on a national basis, is that for every megawatt of electricity a customer purchases, we charge them the premium,” he said.

“And, and with that premium we purchase the equivalent renewable energy which is then fed back into the grid.

“If anyone wants 100 per cent renewable energy to be guaranteed, they would need separate power lines going from that wind farm to their household and that’s going to be way too costly to even comprehend.”


  1. atomcat says:

    “Can “Green Energy Consumers” really be this STUPID?????”

    Not “can be this stupid”…………they are!

  2. Oh yeah, Big Green Lie… in case you missed it, I previously posted elsewhere about that Northland Power pumped storage “perpetual energy production” myth likewise being spread by useful idiots here in Marmora – in response to a comment from “Barbara” that had linked to a “review” piece about just that, here:

  3. “Synergy spokesman Andrew Gaspar says it is not possible to distinguish between the type of energy, renewable or non-renewable, that is actually supplied to those households.”

    Neither is it possible to distinguish between what’s being grid-supplied to any industrial/ commercial electricity consumer.,. which was precisely my publicly-ignored, online retort to Northland Power’s pumped storage project (a net electricity consumer and NON-renewable NPI dream) nonsense here in Marmora, ON when their representative actually said in one of the project promotional videos taped June 10, 2011 (after yapping about how their dumb “pumped storage” proposal would cost-effectively use excess grid power to pump water uphill for storage when the wind blows in the evenings: “…we can actually take
    that clean electricity and that electricity is used as the energy to pump the water up to our upper reservoir” ….(as if this “project” could somehow selectively use only the electricity sourced from wind generation from all others within the supply-mixed grid from which they will actually require drawing electricity each and every time they need to pump water up to their reservoir…to which I’ve had to respond in futility, once widely accepted… D’UH?!)

    … only one of the MANY ludicrous myths that easily misled the gullible public and press near and far (given local council obscurement of better-informed local opposition public exposure) – for facilitating mass-spread, propaganda-based promotion of this bizarre and VERY unique “pumped storage” project – read about more of these local myths that even included the “perpetual energy generation” widespread idiocy within my detailed personal rant of Sept 2011 from my own webspace, here – see pg 3 in particular, lol:

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