More taxpayers dollars being spent on “stupid/smart grid” while health care $$$ are being cut back!

Posted: June 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

When a story like this is published and the writer is saying it with a “straight face” as if everything he typed was just “fluffy and wonderful” then someone has to blow some hard truth on the steaming mass of BS!

The Green Giant McGuinty has promised to spend $ of OUR money on a “smart grid fund” which will create 370 jobs ($135,000 per job) and provide much needed money for the Industries that have screwed up our energy sector for decades!

Smart this and Green that is all these weasels can babble about while Ontario customers are basically close to being enrgy poor.

As long as mainstream news keeps up this never ending misinformation which backs up the prolonged destructive effects of a Green Economy this will never end!

Try and gag your way through this diatribe of insanity!

Smart grid, delayed delivery


By Hamilton, Tyler Energy and Technology Columnist
June 29, 2012

It’s taken longer than expected, but the McGuinty government has finally given a much-needed financial boost to some important smart grid initiatives in the province.

The money is coming from a new Smart Grid Fund announced in the 2009 budget, which allocated $50 million to support the demonstration of new technologies that make the power grid more intelligent, efficient and robust.

The fund wasn’t formally launched until spring 2011, and at the time there was an expectation that money would start flowing by August of that year.

That date came and went. It was only this week that the first 13 projects were announced under the umbrella of the fund, representing half of the originally committed $50 million. Whether the full amount will be awarded remains an open question, but at least the ball is finally rolling.

In all, about 740 jobs are expected to be created from the 13 projects, which touch on a range of technology areas including in-building energy management, grid automation, energy data analytics, and virtual power delivery.

Toronto’s Ecobee, for example, will be installing its intelligent in-office displays in 300 buildings to show how its web-based energy management system can help businesses reduce energy use and costs.

Energate of Ottawa is getting $2.9 million to demonstrate how its own in-home displays can interact with smart meters to help grid operators run the system more efficiently.

Some big industry names, such as Siemens, IBM and GE, are also dipping into the fund. GE is getting $7.9 million that will go toward its new $40-million Grid IQ research collaboration centre in Markham. The company will collect and analyze Ontario’s smart meter data – really, massive amounts of information—to figure out ways to boost energy conservation and shift more electricity use to off-peak times.

That initiative alone is expected to create 370 jobs.


  1. Great work! What a joke these people are, demanding that we, the taxpayer, pay for our own enslavement, i.e., the surveillance-control grid.

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