Investors: “Go Green…..Go Broke!!!”

Posted: June 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

The word “Green” at one time was the way to go in anything which involved “investing and branding”!

Today, it’s like the “touch of death!”

Green Investors are losing their shirts and Green Products are virtually “blowing in the wind!”

The only trouble with this huge failure in ROI is that our Province has vested so much money in this failed experiment of greed, sleaze and misinformation that no matter what happens the Citizens of Ontario will be on the hook for decades for contracts on Green Energy that serves no other purpose than to prop up “McGuinty’s Gang Green” that has been feeding off the “public teet” for their livelihoods and will continue to do so no matter how many firms close their doors and flee the Province like “rats leaving a sinking ship!”

Next time you see a commercial trying to tell you to Go Green, just remember IF YOU DO you will also GO BROKE!!!


Green Energy Bad Idea for Pension Funds

Bill Gunderson for Jun-26-2012

State pension fund managers you can relax now: Al Gore is here.

Al Gore

(OCEANSIDE, CA) – Gore wants to put your retirement savings in Green Energy. He does not want to tell us what companies or how much.

Just last week it was revealed that Al Gore’s investment company has been managing assets for New York state and city pension funds for three years. Pension fund officials say Al is doing a great job.

But they refuse to tell us where Al is putting the money.

The news of Gore’s involvement in state pension funds comes the same week several research reports surfaced that said state public employee pension funds are in crisis and underfunded by $1 to $4 trillion dollars.

Not to worry, says Gore. Now that his Nobel Peace Prize for his theory about Global Warming is gathering a bit of dust, Gore has another theory. He calls this one Sustainable Capitalism.

‘We invest in private equity, restricted public equity and unrestricted public equity. This strategy is focused exclusively on deploying capital into companies that are part of the transition from a high-carbon to a low-carbon economy.’

That’s what it says at his web site: Indecipherable graduate student seminar talk. What there isn’t is any mention of what these great companies might be. The only thing we do know for sure is that if Al’s company’s get successful, he will want to tax the beejeesus out of them.

An important part of Al’s philosophy is to invest long-term, he says. Combine that with not letting us know what his holdings are, and that makes his investment strategy even more challenging.

I wish I could do it, but my clients won’t let me: They always want to know what they own and how it is doing. To them, long term is the 15 minutes it may take to return their phone calls.

Al’s philosophy really violates a cardinal rule of the canny investor: Don’t fall in the love with your stocks. If they don’t perform, dump them. Don’t double down and explain to everyone why the world needs this.

The world seldom listens to a lousy stock.

I’m sorry if I am as skeptical of Al’s financial acumen as I am of his meteorological expertise. But green investments are terrible performers.

More than a year ago I told my clients and readers to ‘sell everything under the sun.’ I shorted First Solar, America’s largest solar manufacturer.

The stock was at $120. Today is at $14.

Line ’em up: The green energy cars, green battery companies, green solar, green wind, green you name it: They are toxic to a portfolio. Unless of course you short them.

Four years ago, the Solar Index — TAN — was $307 a share. Today is is $19.

The Wind Index was $31 a share. Today it is $6.

Vestas Wind was $25 in 2009. Today is $1.70.

The list of lousy green stocks is just about the closest thing we have to an infinite renewable resource.



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