A visual display on how “depraved” the U.N. has become!!!!

Posted: June 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

Depraved! That’s the only word that comes to mind when this Organization of despots creates this type of mass insanity!

Most are children’s brain washed pictures of what they have been told by some very morally bankrupt teachers who have bought into the U.N. human hating mantra without barely a whimper of protestation!

The U.N. has been instrumental in creating a hateful and vindictive generation of children who hate fellow humans, stray far from any organized conventional spiritual attachments and are quite confused about morals and values that may serve them well during tough times like the way we are headed thanks to these very dishonourable traitors!

See what kind of posters are being displayed these days and take a collective breath before doing something about it! In other words get into your children’s teachers faces and find out “what the hell are they teaching your children”????????

From Charming to alarming: Rio+20 Sustainability Propaganda

Written by: CFACT  June 29/12

“I’m sure you have humans”

Are our children really a disease?


Yoga for “Mother Earth?”

Sustaining the planet through downward facing dog


“Born in trash”

This is just all kinds of disturbing


20 years ago Greenpeace scaled the Cristo Redentor 

and hung a banner in defiance of law

Today the Greens have the power to simply order Christ green





Genocide, Crimes Against Humanity, War Crimes

and Crimes of Aggression…. Ecocide?

Ready for war crimes trials for business executives

and free world heads of state?


Can’t argue –  Let’s decide on a constructive tomorrow


“Think of the Children!”

Which system would you bet on to provide a clean neighborhood for these kids?

We’ll take free enterprise and we’ll give you odds.


Would these folk really  be better off without abundant, affordable energy and the prosperity that comes with it?


Liberty to pollute?

Is liberty really something we have too much of?

We’re old fashioned and still yearning to breath free


Replace high yield agriculture

With “holistic” “gender-sensitive” subsistence farming?

Sustainable serfdom?


See Much More Here:


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