Pembina “Green dog and pony show” told by citizens to “get out of our town now”!!!

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The green onion is losing it’s rotten skins real quick. Pembina Institute has always been the “go to guys” for Green scammers across the country when the Windies need psycho-babble crib notes to mumble off when hosting their fake “public meetings” to sell their “green renewable BS!

Now Pembina is on a road show here in Ontario and last night’s meeting in Grand Bend is an example of how far down the toilet this group of “not for profit” green crusaders have been flushed!

Not only were they literally verbally driven out of town but to highlight how desperate these greenies have become they actually called the Ontario Provincial Police to come to protect them from honest hard working families of Ontario speaking up to protect their lands, families and health from these sleaze artists who care not for anything but to prolong the falsehood of “green renewable wind energy” to make huge amounts of $$$$$ off hard working tax payers!!

I assume the OPP looked over the situation and decided they weren’t really required and moved on. One question here should be: When are these Greenies who call in the Police for no reason going to be charged with “being a nuisance” and made to pay for the Officer’s time?

The following is a brief summation by a local resident who gives us an inside view of what took place last night. Then there is the mainstream news report following which is exactly the opposite of what is being reported by unbiased participants. It will show you exactly how “BIASED” mainstream news has become and by reporting these inaccuracies as they do, one must also ask: What good is news that isn’t?


“Pembina Institute is promoting wind energy in three meetings.  I would estimate that 90 percent of the audience attending this evening’s meeting in Grand Bend did not have the same agenda and the meeting belonged to the majority for the entire two hours.  The first leg of their tour was broken tonight.
At the start, people were told they couldn’t bring signs in.  They did it anyway after telling Pembina to call the police or shut the meeting down and after some strong confrontation at the door. By hook or crook, signs got in and were set up in the front row for the speakers to see.
(Someone did eventually call the police at some point but the officer left before long.  The wind industry has been crying wolf for too long.)
People made rightful claim to THEIR COMMUNITY and were loudly vocal about that from beginning to end.  An endless stream of comments, groans and laughter were fired across the room at the tired old statements made, for the entire time.  A number of people stood up to comment, question or challenge throughout.
The moderator introduced the ‘norms of conversation’ for the evening.  Every statement out of the moderator’s mouth was challenged including the ‘one person speaking at a time’ clause.  If people couldn’t respect the ‘norms and space’, they should leave, he said.  He was told that no one was leaving from several spots in the room.  A few might have told him that it was Pembina that should be leaving.  It was noisy and no one was agreeing to any ‘ground rules’ so Pembina just carried on.  Quite frankly, no one cared if another meeting to promote wind turbines ended up being shut down. 
Every statement out of Tim Weiss, Pembina rep, was challenged and his presentation was very, very short and stumbling.  Every time he said, ‘We believe….’, someone would yell out, ‘Who is ‘we’?’  I can’t recall all the challenges and statements fired across the room at these people but it was nonstop. 
People have had enough of sitting politely while these people spew the same old nonsense.
Heidi of Pincher Creek, Alberta does a presentation that is meandering and takes a very long time to get through.  So do her answers to questions that all relate back to her experience.  Period.  Heidi’s statements were challenged when she finally, finally got past fescue grass, visitors, horses, etc. In fact she was repeatedly told by audience members to hurry it up, that they didn’t come to hear about all the other and to get to the wind turbine section of her talk. 
At first, some felt sorry for her because she was seemingly very, very out of touch with what is going on in Ontario.  However, when Heidi stuck to her mantra of “I’m here to talk about MY experience with turbines.” even after hearing the eloquent Norma Schmidt and others, sympathy evaporated.  Showing us pictures of  her husband fixing horse buggies (mixed in with fescue, etc.) and telling us it was good he wasn’t here because he wouldn’t take any CRAP, did not help the audience to warm up to her.
Norma walked to the front, picked up the mic which prompted Jutta S. to charge over and literally try to wrench the mic from Norma’s hand.  Muriel was there to defend Norma in a heartbeat.  She stood by Norma, and went nose to nose with Jutta and told her to BACK OFF or she would call the police and have Jutta charged with assault.  Jutta was speechless, a rare event in itself.   She backed away and sat down.  Norma, in a soft, gentle and sincere tone, was then able to ask Heidi if she would continue to promote wind turbines after hearing of all the problems being created for people here in Ontario.  The impression was that Heidi was quite willing to revictimize people hurt by wind turbines in this province by continuing to promote thier invasion because of her experience.
I guess we will be able to gauge her conscience and compassion tomorrow night in London. 
The Pembina dog and pony show will be hopping in on its second leg of the tour.
If you can go, go.  And go with attitude”.
Remaining Pembina tour dates are:
Tuesday, June 26: Aolien Hall, London, 7 p.m.
Wednesday, June 27: Chatham Banquet and Conference Centre, Chatham-Kent, 7 p.m.

Police Called to Wind Energy Meeting Near Grand Bend

Tuesday, June 26, 2012 5:21 am

It took the presence of three OPP officers to bring order to a wind energy meeting south of Grand Bend last night.

Alberta rancher Heidi Eijgel was the guest of the Pembina Institute and was there to tell about her experience in Pincher Creek, surrounded by wind turbines. Eijgel tried to explain that her experience was largely positive and the wind energy company that had erected the turbines had been excellent corporate neighbours. The even expanded the distance between the turbines to her home to 700 metres at her request.

Eijgel’s presentation was delayed as the majority of people in the Alhambra Hall were opposed to wind energy and to the fact that someone from Pincher Creek was coming to their community to tell them about wind turbines. They were very vocal in suggesting that they had no interest in listening to the guest speaker or putting their signs away as requested by the people hosting the meeting. They only calmed down and allowed Eijgel to speak after the police arrived.

For her part Eijgel admitted she had some initial concerns about noise but now says her refrigerator makes more noise and there have been no adverse health affects on her, her husband or her horses. Eijgel will be speaking in London tonight and in Chatham on Wednesday night.

  1. Helen says:

    I’m confused. Are you suggesting that the first account you have printed above, “REPORT FROM ONE PARTICIPANT AT GRAND BEND JUNE 25/2012” is from an “unbiased participant” and that the latter report, “Police Called to Wind Energy Meeting Near Grand Bend” is biased and inaccurate? Your introduction reads as if this is what you are suggesting. However, any thoughtful reading of the reports which follow reveals that the first account demonstrates bias. The second account, however, does not present opinions and appears to be merely a factual record of the events which transpired.

    With one exception (the “mainstream” reporter claims that the arrival of the Ontario Provincial Police had a calming effect on the audience, whereas the “local resident” claims that the audience remained rowdy and disruptive throughout the event) the statements made by the mainstream reporter are in agreement with statements made by the local resident. Therefore, if the mainstream news report contains “inaccuracies”, the first report must also.

  2. Tom Blacksmith says:

    The industry will use mainstream media to paint us all as a bunch of radicals. This is a tired trick used to have the majority side with the proponents. As opposition escalates, look for these dirty tricks to escalate too.

    Nothing new here. Just a page from the old Hegel playbook.
    Hopefully one day, the majority will wake up to it.

  3. Yeah!! Ontario is waking up to the green bs!! (’bout time) I wish I could say the same for Toronto.

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