Is Ontario a Democracy any more?…………not on your life!!!!!

Posted: June 24, 2012 in Uncategorized

How did McGuinty get back into power for his 3rd term of destructive and anti-democratic rule in 2010? That question has been asked ad nauseum for many many months by people across Ontario, specially in Rural Ontario where McGuinty was thrown out of power right across the Province!

Blame the city voters, blame the unions, blame the Government workers?

YES, yes and yes!

Here is proof that IF you belong to a union and refuse to go out in the street and campaign for McGuinty and gang during election time you will lose your job!

How’s that for blatant and “1930’s Chicago-style politics”?

Are Ontario citizens being governed by dictates and not democratic process?……YOU BETYA!

Toronto schools’ skilled trades workers pressured to campaign for trustees, MPPs by union bosses

Sat Jun 23 2012 Moira Welsh and Kevin DonovanStaff Reporters

Trades Council boss Jimmy Hazel , seen with students during a school board tour in May, has hired Ross Parry, a former official in the Liberal government, to help him fine-tune his responses to the media.

Trades Council boss Jimmy Hazel , seen with students during a school board tour in May, has hired Ross Parry, a former official in the Liberal government, to help him fine-tune his responses to the media.

Construction and maintenance workers at Toronto schools are told to campaign for school board trustees and some Liberal MPPs by union bosses, who also provide hefty donations to the same politicians.

One carpenter told the Star his job hours were cut off after he refused to go door to door hammering in Liberal Party of Ontario signs in the final days of an election campaign.

The 900-strong Maintenance and Construction Skilled Trades Council is run by Jimmy Hazel, a powerful figure who is on the hot seat over inflated charges for minor jobs at Toronto’s public schools. Installation of a simple electric outlet was billed at almost $3,000; screwing in a pencil sharpener was $143. Hazel, who has tried to use his influence to have a principal who complained about high charges fired, said he has done nothing wrong.

Analysis by the Star shows Hazel and his affiliates have provided at least $118,000 in donations to trustees and Liberal MPPs in a recent four-year period. The donations come from Hazel’s trades council, Hazel and his executives personally, and the affiliated unions (electrical, etc.) that make up the trades council, which has an exclusive contract for work at the Toronto District School Board.

In a response to questions, Hazel said all of his political activities are decisions made by “the Council’s political action committee and decisions to donate and direct donations reflect the best interests of our members.” Hazel did not respond to questions about union members who feel pressured by him to campaign for trustees and MPPs.

The Star has interviewed 10 workers who either campaigned or, in a few cases, refused to campaign.

One, a carpenter who worked for the school board’s trades council last year, learned the hard way that if you don’t help the union campaign for the Ontario Liberal party, you don’t keep your job.

“I ended up on the ‘Do Not Call Back List,’ ” said the man, who asked for anonymity because he has relatives working for the school board and does not want them to get in trouble because he spoke out.

The carpenter said he was asked by Jimmy Hazel’s son, Barry (who runs the carpentry unit), to campaign for the Liberals in the provincial election campaign last fall. The province funds and oversees education in Ontario.

“The Liberals like it when all the people come to give a hand,” the carpenter recalled being told by Hazel’s son.

The carpenter had recently started working for Hazel’s school trades council and was hoping for a permanent position making school repairs. He said that in late September last year, he was asked by the trades council to take a pile of lawn signs in his truck, drive around to specific addresses around the Toronto region and pound them into front lawns.

“At the time I was broke and I couldn’t afford the gas,” said the carpenter, who ultimately refused. He received no more work through the trades council.

Many school board trustees have received donations from Hazel and his affiliates, almost all in the form of $750 cheques. Trustee Sheila Ward has received the most, with $6,000 towards her campaigns in 2010 and 2006. Ward did not respond to requests from the Star for an interview.



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