If you “host” a wind turbine on your property, you may be sued and you may not get insurance !

Posted: June 24, 2012 in Uncategorized

For years now landowners have been sold a bill of goods by sleazy wind salesmen that they will make huge amounts of money by leasing their properties to Wind Developers to host massive Wind Turbines!

“Nothing is Free” comes to mind now that the “Wind Experience” is rapidly becoming a devestating nightmare for both those who host these monsters not to mention the misery and damage neighbouring families are enduring because of these “greedy, dishonourable bunch of greedy hoemowners who lease out their lands!

Now the brutal reality of leasing problems are rapidly evolving into a sort of punishment which most people claim the leased owners deserve!

Property values are plummeting on wind leased homes!

Now comes the inevitable lawsuits from neighbours that is becoming very common and to make matters worse, Insurance Companies are denying landowners insurance on any property that hosts a wind turbine!

See the letter below:


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