Rio+20 is a complete failure!… why does the U.N. still exist?

Posted: June 23, 2012 in Uncategorized

The United Nations, like it’s final push for World Governance at the Rio+20 Summit, is a complete and utter FAILURE!

So why would this organization that has deviated so far off the original path of what it was originally created for, PEACE in the World, still be relevant?

Complete elimination of this “parasitic old boys club” should be the final blow to end it’s vile and desperate actions to bleed the world of it’s money and democracy so IT can become the new LEADERS!!!

Here’s the fastest way to make sure this happens quickly. STOP the money going into it’s bank accounts!

Cut off the supply of $$$$ and you will see this blood/money sucking enterprise go the way of a sick old man clinging on to an intravenous!

Rio+20 Earth Summit is a washout

The climate change conference produced an inconsequential agreement that will not take action on any of the urgent issues

22 Jun 2012 By 

No progress: an activist with a Brazilian flag and a sign reading 'Long Live Nature’ takes part in the Global March in Rio de Janeiro - Rio’s Earth Summit is a washout

No progress: an activist with a Brazilian flag and a sign reading ‘Long Live Nature’ takes part in the Global March in Rio de Janeiro  Photo: AFP/Getty Images

Even the skies wept. Glorious weather bathed Rio de Janeiro for the week running up to the Earth Summit, while some hope remained that it might produce even minor measures to tackle the world’s escalating environmental crises. But when the leaders flew in on Wednesday to rubber-stamp an agreement shorn of commitments to action, the rain started falling – and didn’t let up, culminating in a thunderstorm on the final morning.

It is always a bad sign when a UN conference ends on time: if anything substantive is at stake, these unwieldy gatherings of 190 governments invariably overrun, only reaching resolution in the early hours of the morning. So it says much about the inconsequentiality of the agreement in Rio that it was finalised even before the meeting began.

Brazil, as host country, was desperate to avoid a repeat of the Copenhagen climate summit, where the leaders found little agreed when they arrived and had to try to do the job themselves. Confronted with the failure of two years of negotiations to agree even an anodyne and non‑binding accord, Brazil watered it down even further and rammed it through: the 100 or so presidents and prime ministers were effectively confined to self-congratulatory speeches and public relations photo-calls.

But the effect was a greater failure. For at least in the Danish capital the leaders tried – and almost succeeded – to get agreement on ambitious measures. In Rio nothing was even attempted, despite the increasing urgency of action needed to combat overfishing, pollution of the seas, loss of soils, climate change and a host of other growing crises.

The organisers behind the 1992 Earth Summit, which this week’s meeting commemorated, were shocked and took the extraordinary step of denouncing the agreement in front of key UN officials at a private dinner of the conference’s great and good. Maurice Strong, who ran the previous summit, called it a “weak” collection of “pious generalities”, while former Norwegian premier Gro Harlem Brundtland – whose report gave rise to the 1992 meeting – said governments had “forgotten about the environment”. And Nick Clegg, who led the British delegation, revealed that the Government felt the result fell so far below expectations that it had considered “pulling the plug” on the whole thing.



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