Read this if you want to know WHY the Global Leaders want to Bankrupt the World Economy!!!!

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We get reports regularly on what is going on in the World Economy almost on a daily basis. We hear BS from Government Leaders, ours included, about G8, G20, G7 and everything else like the Rio+20 Summit, TPP and Free Trade this and that without ANY CHANGE in the downward slide into the toilet of our Global Economy!

WHY? WHO is engineering this and WHAT for?

There’s the rub. No answers on why this is never ending! Could there be a larger agenda here that explains why these “leaders” are follwing the suicidal path we are being taken on?

First read this report from Tom Corcoran and the listen to the radio program afterwards.

It will explain EVERYTHING!

What can you and I do about it? Start right at your local Municipal Council and ask hard fast questions.  It starts with asking about Agenda 21 and why your Council would promote this. Ask them why they are pushing “Sustainable Development” which is a code word for mass destruction of our lands, water, quality of life and most of all Freedom!

Dismantle this criminal agenda from your township and that will work it’s way up the crooked ladder of deceit to the top……………WITHOUT THE SUPPORT OF THE PEOPLE IT WILL NOT SURVIVE!

Terence Corcoran: Global growth killers

  Jun 20, 2012

From G8 to G20 and Rio+20, a surfeit of summits

The supreme political leaders of the world economy keep meeting and meeting and meeting — first the G8, then the G20, now Rio+20, with another round (the 14th) of the expanding Trans-Pacific Partnership trade negotiations set for San Diego on July 2. All this within a few weeks. Meanwhile, the world economy keeps tanking, not helped by other international gatherings of finance ministers, Basel bank regulators, Financial Stability Boards, IMF leaders and central bankers.

It would be too facile to claim that maybe the world economy is tanking because of all these meetings at which nothing happens, little is agreed upon and what is agreed to is often just a dodge of good policy — or, more often, a prescription for bad policy. On the other hand, nobody these days balks at facile analyses or empty slogans. Just read this week’s G20 declaration, in which, among scores of other platitudes, leaders said they “are in full agreement that we need to intensify our efforts to reduce both internal and external imbalances.”

In brief, the odds are good that these novel and experimental attempts at global governance and economic management are becoming sources of destruction. Instead of focused national policies around the world, we have global conflabs that generate orchestrated chaos for which nobody is responsible.

One destructive product of the internationalist approach to policymaking may well be a breakdown in central bankers’ grasp of monetary policy. At least one economist, Steve Hanke at The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, says the combination of monetary mistakes and escalating bank regulation is creating a credit crunch in the United States and turmoil elsewhere.

While central banks, especially the U.S. Federal Reserve, have caused an expansion of government-created money, private-sector money growth has disappeared. In the United States and much of Europe, with the exception of Germany, money-supply growth has been non-existent and even negative.

The decline in money growth is a product of global banking uncertainty created by attempts by the G20 nations and central bankers to impose tough new capital and other regulations on banks. “They have done this via new and prospective bank regulations flowing from the Dodd-Frank legislation, new (more stringent) Basel III capital and liquidity requirements, and uncertainty as to what Washington might do next. All this has resulted in financial repression — a credit crunch.” See more of Prof. Hanke’s analysis here.


Canada Live Exposes Rio+20, David Suzuki, Al Gore’s Global Marshall Plan And More


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