ALERT: Euthanasia in Britain for “elderly useless people”…….is this McGuinty’s “dream for us in Ontario”

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As our older folks get closer to their “due date” does the “government of Ontario” have a plan to get rid of useless non productive elderly people who are using up valuable health care dollars even though they have worked and paid for them all their life?

Well on it’s way in Britain we are starting to hear “rumours” from McGuinty’s dysfunctional debt-ridden Government that may follow suit.

If you are over 60 years old it could be time to unite with other near-seniors to protect yourselves from a very evil dark plan to get rid of you when you become non-productive to the State!

British health system effectively euthanizing the elderly

By Martin Barillas  June 20, 2012

Speaking to the Royal Society of Medicine in London, Dr Patrick Pullicino claimed that physicians are using a care pathway (standardized health care process) that is designed to make terminal patients’ final days more comfortable are actually using it as a form of euthanasia. The Liverpool Care Pathway (LCP) is used in British hospitals for patients who are terminally ill or expected to die soon. Under the LCP, physicians are allowed to withdraw not only treatment but also food and water while their patients are heavily sedated. According to theDaily Mail newspaper, almost a third of patients – 130,000 – who die each year hospital or under Britain’s National Health Service care are on the LCP.

Professor Pullicino said he believes the LCP is being used as an “assisted death pathway” for patients on the LCPwithout clear evidence, according to the Daily Mail.Pullicino, who serves as senior consultant at East Kent Hospitals told the Royal Society of Medicine of having personally intervened to release a 71-year-old man fromLCP. Despite claims that the septuagenarian was due to die very soon, he was treated successfully and survived a bout with pneumonia and epilepsy. “I removed the patient from the LCP despite significant resistance,”Pullicino said. “His seizures came under control and four weeks later he was discharged home to his family.” He added, “The lack of evidence for initiating the Liverpool Care Pathway makes it an assisted death pathway rather than a care pathway.” The 71-year-old man lived for another 14 months before he suffered pneumonia again and was admitted to a different hospital. He was put on the LCP and died five hours later. The patient was an Italian who spoke poor English and a history of seizures, however he had a supportive family.

Pullicino said, “The lack of evidence for initiating the Liverpool Care Pathway makes it an assisted death pathway rather than a care pathway.”

“Very likely many elderly patients who could live substantially longer are being killed by the LCP.”


So much for caring for the people who worked hard for this country!!!

In a conversation about the “future,” Dr. Suzanne Allen, head of emergency services at the Wilson Medical Center in Toronto, was asked if she has seen any affects of the upgraded health Care in her work.”Oh, yes.  We are seeing cutbacks throughout the services we provide. For example, we are now having to deal with patients who would normally receive dialysis can no longer be accepted.  In the past, there was always automatic approval under OHIP for anyone who needed dialysis –not anymore.”  So, what will be their outcome? “They will die soon without dialysis,” she stated.What about other services?  She indicated as of 2013 , no one over 75 will be given major medical procedures unless approved by locally administered Ethics Panels. These Panels will determine whether a patient receives medical treatment or not. While details on specific operating procedures and schedules, Dr. Allen points out that most life-threatening emergencies do not occur during normal hospital business hours, and if there are emergencies that depend to be resolve within minutes or just few hours, the likely hood of getting these Panels approval in time to save a life are going to be very challenging and difficult, if not impossible she said.

This applies to major operations such as receiving stents, bypass surgery, kidney operations, or treating for an aneurysm that would be normally covered under OHIP today. In other words, if you needed a life-saving operation, OHIP will not provide coverage anymore after 2013 if you are 75 or over.

When in 2013? “We haven’t been given a specific date –could be in January or July….but it’s after the American election.” This is shocking to any of us who will be 75 this year. Her advice–get healthy and stay healthy.

We do not know the specifics of the actual implementation of the full Dalton McGuinty Care policies and procedures–“they haven’t filtered down to the local level yet. But we are already seeing severe cuts in what we provide to the elderly — we refused dialysis to an individual who was 78 just the other day….we refused to give stents to a gentleman who was in his late 80s.” Every day, she said, we are seeing these cutbacks aimed at reducing care across the board for anyone who is over 75. We can only hope that some day  Dalton McGuinty new OHIP  will be overturned by the Supreme Court –otherwise, this is a death sentence to those who are over 75…perhaps you should pass this on to your friends who are thinking of voting for  Dalton McGuinty   next time around.
Regardless if you have private health care coverage now (a Medical supplement) — it will no longer apply after 2013 if the Ethics Panels disapprove of a procedure that may save your life.

Scary, scary, scary. Think about this. You? Your parents? Your loved ones? Didn’t know about it?  Of course, not.  AsDalton McGuinty said….“well, if you want to know what’s in the bill, you’ll have to read it…” after it was passed.

This is a graphic reminder of the need to stay healthy. Get your plot now at your earliest convenience..while they last. Is this a death sentence to those of us who will reach 75?… Yes!

Please do pass this along to those in your address book. Dr. Suzanne C. Allen, MD is a real person.
If society deems you a burden due to age or infirmity, you should be willing to die to benefit society.

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    This is my first time pay a visit at here and i am genuinely impressed to read everthing
    at single place.

  2. Anonymous says:

    For God’s sake get your facts straight and do a little research before posting this garbage.

  3. Anonymous says:

    These emails are hoaxes Check Snopes

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