All Out Geo-engineering to stop fake Climate Change being proposed by U.N. ..even though it’s harmful and dangerous!!!!!

Posted: June 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

Ever heard of Chemtrails? The spraying of OUR atmosphere by industrialized airplanes that spray aluminium, barium and other “nice” elements in the airspace to deflect sunlight and cover our skies with clouds of chemicals to literally “blot out the sun” and “COOL” our earth?

Up to this point “we” who have enough energy to look up when these planes create crossed patches of muck in our skies have been called everything from “whackos to conspiracy theorists”!

Well it appears now the U.N. is reaching their final push at the Rio+20 Summit to scare the hell out of every country on the planet enough to adopt ANYTHING, no matter how insane it is to “save our very lives from spontaneous combustion of the planet” due to a severe Global Warming because there is too much CO2 in the atmosphere, which of course is BS!

The purveyors of insanity now not only admit they have been “geo-engineering the planet’s skies” but now they want to escalate it to the point of massive spraying and CO2 reduction which means what?

If these fake scientists ever get to pull this off, then God Help Us All!

Initiating geoengineering to allay global warming

The UN conference on sustainable development, Rio+20, commences in less than a week from now, world leaders and power brokers will, in part, have the chance to put climate change to table and pass suggestions on how to fight it. That is priority. Climate change will not favor anything good, most decision makers understand but present-day situation isn’t letting a thorough fight.

Scientists recently alarmed about the carbon dioxide, CO2 levels in the Arctic, signaling that a dangerous level of the gas is neared. Bad for all, but climate change is not the priority of any government, and those taking it more seriously are –- sort of –- discouraged by the laxity of others.
As things proceed slowly, towards recommended mitigation, scientists believe that climate engineering (or geoengineering) should be prepared — through studies, reports, policy framework and governance –- to come in at scale, if necessary, to deliver from the troubles of climate change.
There are a number of climate engineering technologies, all of which will interfere with the earth’s climate system. Some of the technologies are directed to improve the reflectivity of the earth’s atmosphere & surface, and others are directed to remove CO2 from the atmosphere, they are respectively categorized as Solar Radiation Management (SRM) and Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR).
Some of these technologies as expected will do their ‘good’ but are delicate because of how bad they may go when applied or unexpected reactions from the climate system to adjust. The technologies however, can be categorized by known climate engineering concerns, to find those with the most advantage, and prescribe okay.
Most of these technologies have dangerous bad sides, both known and unknown. Selling them for deployment to decision makers and the public, is a major concern for each of the technology. The climate science community is generally aware of the subject, and a number of savants from other branch of knowledge are also aware, but the gravity of the subject surpasses this small class.
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