Rio+20 Summit a complete “Failure”!

Posted: June 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

This headline is a bit premature but just hang on for two more weeks and the bitter reality of what can only be described as the “End Game  for a Socialist Takeover of the World” comes crashing down into the bowels of the Earth!

This massive perverted “Sustainable Development/Agenda 21” push by the United Nations and their 1000’s of fake environmental NGOS’s has been in the making for many many decades at a human and financial cost totalling hundreds of thousands of lives and billions of dollars.

When exposed to the Light of Truth, the Darkness cannot exist!

The Rio+20 Farce

Guest Column  Friday, June 8, 2012 The Canada Free Press

The Rio+20 Earth Summit on Sustainable Development, which starts in two weeks, will be a farce, even if everybody keeps a straight face. The grand UN-based system conceived to co-ordinate the activities of all mankind has proved utterly unsustainable, a dysfunctional mess that generates nothing but endless meetings, agendas and reports. That sustainable development would inevitably collapse under its own contradictions was inevitable. What is fascinating is why every country on Earth would earnestly have committed to a concept hatched by a cabal of ardent socialists. Equally fascinating is the almost universal reluctance to acknowledge the organizational disaster that has ensued. -Peter Foster, Financial Post, 8 June 2012

India’s concern over European Union (EU) law to tax air carriers for carbon emissions may find an echo at the Rio Conference on sustainable development, with environment ministry calling it an important issue for discussion. There is growing apprehension that the developed world’s stress on environmental dimension of development would hurt the developing countries that cannot meet the stiff targets without compromising on its industrial growth. India prefers focus on themes like poverty eradication, preserving livelihoods and access to services for poor. In contrast, the developed world wants a focus on environmental dimension by sidelining social and economic issues.—Subodh Ghildiyal, The Times of India, 7 June 2012

French President Francois Hollande warned on Friday that a major international summit to be held this month in Brazil aimed at breaking years of deadlock on pressing environmental issues may fail. Hollande, who will attend the summit, said there was a “risk of division between developed countries, emerging countries, poor countries, the risk of failure because there may be other pressing matters.—AFP, 8 June 2012
The Rio+ 20 Earth summit could collapse after countries failed to agree on acceptable language just two weeks before 120 world leaders arrive at the biggest UN summit ever organised, WWF warned on Wednesday. An extra week given over to the UN’s preparatory negotiations in New York fell into disarray over the weekend as talks aimed to bring countries together to set a new path for sustainable development splintered into 19 separate dialogues with major internal disagreements on the processes to be followed.—John Vidal, The Guardian, 6 June 2012



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