Bentley put’s brakes on Nuclear Generation but sinks 1/2 million $$$ into MaRs Green Energy “sink hole”!

Posted: June 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

The nerve of this Government when it comes to BLOWING our hard earned tax dollars on more FAKE Green Energy is to the point of being INSULTING to hard working Citizens of Ontario.

The McGuinty/Smitherman/Duguid/Bentley Green Energy Disaster which has doubled our Hydro Bills not to mention forced Ontario families to literally abandon their homes and farms to save their lives will be “alive and kicking” inside the MaRs money pit for “seeding” future Green Energy scams!

This present Government is so out of control that even a grade 8 student would question the logic of what they are attempting to do next to bring Ontario to it’s knees!

Voted today as “Canada’s Greenest Province” by a gaggle of “green whackos” called the Corporate Knights and then boasting about it on the Government’s “propaganda laden website” the very same day Stats Canada comes out showing Ontario is dead last in jobs and economy in Canada!

Can there be a connection between Ontario’s Green Energy debacle and the fact we are the worst performing Province in Canada?…………… betya!

Energy minister hedges on new nuclear plant

Jun 08 2012 John SpearsBusiness Reporter

Ontario’s energy minister ducked Friday when asked whether the province intends to go ahead with building new nuclear reactors at Darlington.

Chris Bentley said the province is still mulling the options of new nuclear reactors, and refused to comment directly when asked whether one option is no new reactors at all.

Ontario Power Generation has proposed building two new reactors at Darlington, with a combined capacity of about 2,000 megawatts.

While no price tag has been placed on the reactors, estimates by outsiders run from $10 billion up.

The project has cleared a federal environmental review, provided it meets certain conditions.

After a speech at the MaRS Centre on Friday, Bentley told reporters the province is still studying the nuclear future.

………………………………….. (snip)……………………………………….

Bentley also announced the province will provide $500,000 over two years in seed funding for a new Clean Energy Institute at MaRS.

The institute will support the province’s clean energy industry by bringing together business, academic and government people to build a clean energy sector.

In a speech, Bentley said there are “huge opportunities” for Ontario in figuring out how to store electricity. It’s an issue within the province as it seeks to integrate renewable power sources that sometime produce electricity when demand is low.

Conservative energy critic Vic Fedeli, who attended the speech, said he was pleased to hear Bentley talk about energy storage, which he said is crucial if the province is going to have a lot of wind power.

Wind power currently creates gluts on the Ontario grid from time to time, and the power has to be sold at a loss, he noted.

The Conservatives would like to see an expanded hydrogen sector to absorb surplus power, he said.

Electricity can be used to make hydrogen when prices are low. Hydrogen can be injected into the natural gas system, and then used to power gas-fired generating turbines when demand picks up.

Read the whole story here:

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