Why is McGuinty handing over 55 million tax payer’s $$$ to Six Nations to push “Samsung Wind Scam”?

Posted: June 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

Desperation is now the “modus operandi” of this idiotic Green Government when it comes to ramming more and more Wind Turbines down the throats of Ontario Citizens.

It has just been announced that McGuinty is going to pay the Six Nations Council over 55 million tax payers dollars to get them to accept a contract from Samsung to build Wind Turbines off reservation on Crown Land.

What could go wrong with this deal?………………………………………LOTS!!!!

Six Nations energy deal a head-scratcher

 June 7/2012

Just when I thought the idiocy of the Liberals green energy policies couldn’t get any more insane, the bright lights in charge of this massive spending spree have committed another head-scratcher. Samsung and Dalton McGuinty have put in motion a deal with the leadership of the Six Nations for part of the $7-billion wind turbine installations in and around the Caledonia area. Of these public funds, $500 million will be spent and $55 million will go to the band council. The same group won’t allow a transmission corridor from the greenest energy available — Niagara Falls. What could go wrong?  This has lawsuit written all over it.

Rob Montgomery, Hannon

Premier’s “alleged occupation” comment “slap in the face”

BY  · JUNE 7, 2012  CD 98.5 FM


Toby Barrett calls it a “slap in the face for the people of Caledonia”–a comment made by Premier Dalton McGuinty at Queen’s Park earlier this week.

The Haldimand-Norfolk MPP is referring to the Premier’s reference to DCE in Caledonia as “an alleged occupation”.

Barrett wonders how anything can be resolved in Haldimand and Brantford when “we have a provincial government who denies there’s anything wrong”.

On a related issue, the MPP is also miffed at not getting any response from the province regarding an alleged government letter granting Six Nations land-lease money tied to crown land in Haldimand.

Barrett says this gives the impression the government is paying Six Nations to allow Samsung to put in wind-turbines…

Time ran out on late debate at the legislature, before Barrett could get clarification from the Infrastructure Minister.


Conservatives question huge green energy deal between Samsung and Six Nations

The Canadian Press June Keith Leslie 5/31/2012

TORONTO – The Conservatives raised concerns Thursday about a deal worth hundreds of millions of dollars between Korean giant Samsung and Ontario’s Six Nations to build a huge wind and solar farm near Caledonia, south of Hamilton.

The Opposition is worried the green energy project in Haldimand County could be targeted by militant Mohawk warriors who have blocked use of a $100 million hydro transmission corridor in the area for years.

The refurbished electricity transmission corridor was completed in 2006 except for 10 or 11 hydro towers that have no wires on them, said Haldimand-Norfolk Tory MPP Toby Barrett.

“There are no Hydro One workers on those towers. There are Mohawk warriors that go up on those towers and it’s a warriors’ flag that flies on those towers,” said Barrett.

“There’s never been any electricity run through them because of militant (Mohawk) warrior intimidation.”

Mohawk warriors also occupied a housing development in Caledonia in 2006, triggering years of tensions between local residents, First Nations and the Ontario Provincial Police.

The province eventually bought the Douglas Creek Estates to try and defuse the situation, but the community remains divided.

Adding one of the world’s largest wind and solar farms in the troubled area could be asking for trouble, warned Barrett.

“It really adds fuel to a very volatile fire that’s going on down in our area,” he said.

“The native people that I have talked to, Mohawks, have come out to a number of the wind tower meetings in opposition very forceful and with strong opposition to what’s going on in Haldimand County as far as wind towers.”

Energy Minister Chris Bentley said he was not worried about any transmission problems from the new project because the province built new hydro towers to get around the protesting Mohawks.

“When the issue came up years ago alternate routes were identified, transmission solutions were found in other parts of the province,” Bentley told reporters. “There are no transmission issues there.”



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