U.N. reports on “end of the world” even though it’s been proven false!

Posted: June 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

The United Nations has to “stay the course” on their doom and gloom so that they can “scare countries into giving up their sovereignty and of course  their $$$$$”.

Their total lack of agreement on a comm0n framework for the upcoming Rio+20 Summit has forced the writers to say “something”!…………….just don’t ask them to PROVE IT!

Since 1992 and even before then the U.N. has set in motion a very grim and deceitful conspiracy to ruin developed industrialized society and replace that with a poverty stricken world where everyone is ruled by a small and non elected group of people who think they are the “privileged few that should hold absolute power over the Earth! ………………….Sound familiar?

The Global Warming BS came first but that was exposed as an out and out cooked up LIE, so then comes the magic title “Biodiversity” and how all the various species will end up extinct in a very short time IF we don’t commit to a world governed by “caring organizations”!

Now that this “red herring” isn’t working out too well, why don’t they just go all in and state that the whole bloody Environment is on the verge of total destruction!

That’s exactly what they’ve done……………..like a fish out of water we are witnessing the last gasps of air from a soon to be extinct group of idiots who have sucked enough valuable air from OUR Planet!

Global environment outlook grim, UN says

June 7, 2012 The Sydney Morning Herald

The UNEP report says 90 per cent of water and fish samples are contaminated with pesticides.

The UNEP report says 90 per cent of water and fish samples were contaminated with pesticides. Photo: Karleen Minney

The earth’s environmental systems “are being pushed towards their biophysical limits,” the United Nations Environment Program says.

In a 525-page report on the health of the planet, the agency paints a grim picture.

It says: “Several critical global, regional and local thresholds are close or have been exceeded.

“… abrupt and possibly irreversible changes to the life-support functions of the planet are likely to occur.”

The report, which was released overnight, says changes include rising oceans, increased frequency and severity of floods and droughts, and the collapse of fisheries.

The report, which compiles three years of work by 300 scientists, says about 20 per cent of vertebrate species are under threat of extinction, coral reefs have declined by 38 per cent since 1980, greenhouse gas emissions could double over the next 50 years, and 90 per cent of water and fish samples are contaminated by pesticides.

It says little or no progress has been made over the past five years on nearly a third of the main environmental goals, including global warming. Significant progress has been made on just four of the 90 most important goals, the report says.

“This is an indictment,” UNEP executive director Achim Steiner said at a news conference in Rio De Janeiro.

“We live in an age of irresponsibility that is also testified and documented in this report.



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