Attempting to “silence” ORNGE witness by Lib MPP should open it up to a major INQUIRY!!!!

Posted: June 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

The lady doth protest too much, methinks“……………is the old quote from Hamlet that basically “alerts” people that something isn’t quite right about denials and accusations during an investigation.

MPP David Zimmer – Wikipedia

Now Liberal MPP David Zimmer isn’t a woman (I don’t think) but he does protest mightily when a witness appears to give some hard truths about the dangers of the helicopters that ORNGE purchased and how they could contribute to unnecessary death to patients as they were not designed for an emergency health purpose!

We know he is on the Board of inquiry to protect McGuinty’s interests in defending ORNGE and it’s horrific record but here’s a suggestion: choose your words wisely!

The backlash here should be a full blown Public Inquiry into McGuinty/Smitherman and all others who got this rotten to the core operation off the ground and let it fester into what can only be called one of the worst abuse of tax payers dollars ever recorded.

Of course there is always that one big question when scouring over the pages of this pile of crap………..HOW MANY MORE OF THESE ARE THERE??????

Time for a full inquiry into Ornge scandal

christina-blizzardBY  ,QMI AGENCY JUNE 06, 2012

TORONTO – The Ornge scandal may have been pushed off front pages by the bullying the McGuinty government has been doing to push through its controversial bullying bill, but committee hearings into the air ambulance boondoggle continue.

The first witness Wednesday was a former Ornge paramedic, Trevor Kidd. He started working for Ornge in 2006 in Sioux Lookout and was moved to Thunder Bay in 2008 to work in the new fixed wing planes.

That’s when he sounded the alarm on safety issues.

“That was the first time I have experienced the terror of working in an aircraft which due to the interior set up had no business carrying sick patients,” he told the committee probing the troubled air ambulance service.

“We felt we were putting patients and staff at risk,” Kidd said.

He’s no longer with Ornge, but you got the sense that he was acting as a spokesperson for people who still are. He presented accusations against former Ornge executives made by his former colleagues – and was slapped down by Liberal MPP David Zimmer, who demanded to know who his sources were.

When Kidd balked at giving names, Zimmer slammed him for being “selfish.”

And fair enough, anyone who comes to testify at a committee on a controversial issue such as this should expect to be grilled.

This crossed the line, said Newmarket Aurora MPP Frank Klees, who’s led the charge for the Tories on the scandal.

“The line was (crossed) when Mr. Zimmer accused Mr. Kidd of putting his own career ahead of the health and safety of the people of this province.

“That was totally out of context,” Klees said.

“What Mr. Kidd was attempting to do was bring a message from the front line into that committee.”

Klees said the committee can’t get to the bottom of this as long as this partisan wrangling continues, and called for a full public inquiry into the scandal.

“This government has no intention of making it easy for people to come forward and provide information,” Klees said.

Zimmer defended his actions, saying it was the only way to protect people against false accusations.



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