Ontario tax payers should be “demanding a Federal Audit” on this “Green Cabal”??

Posted: June 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

Things don’t seem to be “quite right” in Ontario when one goes down the “rabbit hole” of tax payers dollars being doled out to support “Green Initiatives” by McGuinty and Gang Green.

Electricity prices across the Province are increasing so rapidly that soon 2 out of 5 consumers may not be able to afford to even heat their homes this winter with this once “affordable” power supply. Massive swaths of agricultural land is being literally “destroyed” with all the blessings of a misguided political leadership who keeps pounding the “Clean, Green, Renewable Energy Drum” even though most of Europe’s experience in Green Energy has been a dismal failure! Homes are being abandoned across South Western Ontario by home-owners who are literally being driven “mad and sick” from Wind Turbine installations next to their living spaces. Years of studies and reports by anti-wind groups and being submitted to Provincial Authorities for discussion have gone literally into their “File 13” and nothing more has been done to alleviate this dire destruction of Ontario. Proof that this “Green Industry” isn’t working out shows up with the never ending Bankruptcies of Solar and Wind manufacturing plants lately.

The question is: can we point the finger in one direction at who may be “engineering this huge Green Scam”, and if we can is it just one agency or an organized group who could be at the bottom of the Green Programs that are literally “raping Ontario Tax payers” in a revolving door of lobbyists, investors and sleazy salesmen?

There is a law called “Conspiracy to Defraud” that should be in play here but somehow isn’t.

The following post might just show folks how deep and entrenched a group of people can operate within a very narrow sector of society and industry without scrutiny.

Maybe a Federal Audit would be in order?

Bruce Lourie: Exploring the Connections with Summerhill Group Inc.

Click to view (.pdf here)
As noted in an earlier article Bruce Lourie’s connections are wide ranging as are the plethora of companies that he claims he founded or where he exerts influence through his role as the CEO or as a director or “adviser”. One of the groups he claims he founded was the Summerhill Group which is made up of a for profit company; Summerhill Group Inc., a not-for-profit; Summerhill Impact and a charitable institution, Summerhill Foundation (previously named Clean Air Foundation).

Charting the Executive Advisory Board at Summerhill Group Inc. demonstrates the extent of Lourie’s reach and how the connections with his select cabal reappear again and again. As one example if you visit Peter Love’s “Linkedin” profile the first two names you note that have also been viewed are Tom Rand, (now managing a $30 million fund the MaRS Discovery District launched—a charity that has received $150 million + in taxpayer money) and Marion Fraser who was instrumental in shaping the Green Energy Act for George Smitherman when he was Minister of Energy and Infrastructure. If you check out Marion Fraser’s list you find Kristopher Stevens of OSEA. Following the links will take you in a circle. Peter Love was Ontario’s first “Energy Conservation Officer” at the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) and partnered with Bruce Lourie in Lourie & Love Environmental Management Consultants. He is also Adjunct Professor at York University in the Faculty of Environmental Studies along with Jose Etcheverry, one of the individuals deeply involved with the Green Energy Act Alliance along with Kris Stevens and Marion Fraser. York is also where Bruce Lourie obtained his Masters in Environmental Studies.

Peter Love has two brothers. The first is Geoff Love, President of Love Environment and Chair of Friends of the Earth Canada a charity. Geoff is also a York U. Grad. The attached chart does not include the links to Geoff Love or his two entities. The Chart does include “Partners in Project Green” which has Summerhill as a member and sponsorship from Toronto Region Conservation Authority (TRCA), where David Love is the Executive Director (brother of Peter and Geoff)), the City of Toronto, Region of Peel, City of Brampton, City of Mississauga and the Credit Valley Conservation Authority and the Greater Toronto Airport Authority. The focus of these “partners” appears to be in Summerhill’s areas of interest with the list of the 32 programs that they run so would presumably be financially beneficial to the “for profit” Summerhill Group Inc.

Another member of the Advisory Board is Ian Morton, former Chair of Pollution Probe. Interestingly Morton also lays claim to having founded the Clean Air Foundation (now Summerhill Foundation) and is the owner of Eco Generation. The latter have the (exclusive?) contract with Home Depot to install solar panels and also partner with CanSIA and Greenpark Homes. Their site has access to the Home Depot’s brochure on solar panels which suggests you can “generate income by selling electricity back to your local power utility.” Yet another member of the Advisory Board is Annette Verschuren who was the former CEO of Home Depot Canada.

Checking out the location of the three Summerhill entities, Lourie & Love Environmental Management Consultants, Eco Generation Service, Clean Air Foundation (now Summerhill Foundation), the Carbon Reduction Fund, (which appears to be connected to both Summerhill, Aeroplan, Veespa and Environmental Defence as well as Home Depot) and the Home Depot’s “Innovation for Sustainability” program takes you to 1216 Yonge St, Toronto. All 8 of these organizations are located at the same address. Summerhill Group Inc. claims to have 60 employees but that is the extent of information found at the site. The website has no search capabilities, no financial information nor is it clear how the revenue for all those programs supported by various public institutions or Federal and Provincial Ministries is split up amongst the three entities.

It had been my desire to deal with the three Summerhill entities in one article however the information that has come to light on just the “for profit” Summerhill Group Inc has been overwhelming so the reader will have to wait for the next installment in this series.

In the writer’s opinion the makeup of the Summerhill “Advisory Board” appears to be created in a club like atmosphere which enables the “advisers” to scratch each others back while using taxpayer and ratepayer dollars to enrich themselves. Hopefully the CRA and/or the Federal and Provincial Auditor General’s offices undertake a study of the setup of the Lourie empire to determine if the taxpayers are being ripped off or are actually getting value for the amount of tax dollars that go to support those 60 employees.

Parker Gallant,
June 3, 2012


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