U.N.’s IPCC Org’s Lead Author “advocates” Pagan philosophies to “ruin society, then rebuild it”!

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Hows this for a belief system that promotes the “destruction of National Governments” and then replace them with multi-jurisdictional institutions which are neither elected or wanted!

Sounds like the New World Order that is being “cooked up” down in Virginia by a treasonous group of elitists and power mongers at the anual super secret Bilderberg Convention.

The United Nations which started out after World War 11 to ensure there will never ever be another War that will envelope the whole world has gone completely down the “toilet bowl of tyranny” and is actually promoting people like this to lead their various fake organizations.

The IPCC or Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is a good place for creatures like this to feel at home in.

Pagan Cult Member Turns IPCC Lead Author

Thursday, 31 May 2012 07:58 Haunting the Library
Pan, horned, hairy, and horny. Deity of panic, destruction and creative reorganization according to the Resilience Alliance.

IPCC Lead Author member of group that preaches “Revolt and Remember”. Resilience Alliance talks of “destabilization” and “destruction” leading to “reorganization”. Group inspired by “hoofed, horned, hairy and horny” pagan god, Pan: symbol of the “all pervasive spiritual power of nature” in his “destabilizing role” of spreading “panic”.

Donna LaFramboise has an interesting post at Nofrakkingconsensus which looks at Neil Adger, the author of the new IPCC chapter on “human security”. Adger lectured on “environmental economics” at the University of East Anglia and now teaches “environmental geography“ at the University of Exeter. Nofrakkingconsensus notes Adger’s record of calling for decarbonisation of the global economy and his belief in catastrophic climate change. Hardly an unbiased account for the consideration of world leaders.

Adger is also a proud member of something called The Resilience Alliance.

Whilst the organisation might sound like a convention gathering from Star Trek, their aims are far, far, more serious and wide-ranging than that. Indeed, their ultimate goal, as stated on their website, is nothing less than what they term “Panarchy” in accordance with “nature’s rules” of “unpredictable change”. An important part of the philosophy of panarchy is that national governments are increasingly sidelined in favour of multi-jurisdictional institutions.

So what does this actually entail? What does Adger’s group mean when it talks about its expressed aim of global panarchy? This isn’t entirely clear (surprise, surprise) but they sum up the most important part of the process of instigating global panarchy in the phrase “Revolt and Remember”. Perhaps this diagram would help explain:

I hope this makes our aims perfectly clear? The cycle of destruction and “reorganization” that Resilience Alliance would like to see instigated.

Just in case the esoteric swirls and formula of this diagram didn’t make it entirely clear, the authors explain that “revolt and remember” is a process of destabilization and reorganization that radically undermines structures, organisms, and institutions, allowing “new entrants”:

As a consequence of the periodic, but transient phases of destruction (omega stage)and reorganization (alpha stage), a system’s structure and processes can be reorganized. This reshuffling allows for the establishment of new system configurations and opportunities for the incorporation of exotic and entirely novel entrants into the system. The adaptive cycle explicitly introduces mutations and rearrangements as a periodic process within each hierarchical level in a way that partially isolates the resulting experiments, reducing the risk to the integrity of the whole structure.

From “Panarchy: Understanding Transformations in Human and Natural Systems”. Hosted at the Resilience Alliance Website.

Destruction of the current system will therefore form the final or “omega” phase. Following the arrival of the new entrants an entirely new phase, the “alpha” phase can begin of reorganization.

This is still quite abstract, of course. What it means in terms of social rather than biological change is that in times of crisis, institutions become vulnerable, and can be taken over and reorganized by “new entrants” as part of the cycle of destruction and reorganization:

The Revolt and Remember connections become important at times of change. When a level in the panarchy enters its omega phase and experiences a collapse, that collapse can cascade to the next larger and slower level by triggering a crisis, particularly if that level is at the K phase where resilience is low.

Resilience Alliance: Revolt and Remember.



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