Is there “one person” who “drives McGuinty’s Green Energy Plan”?

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People across Ontario are trying to get a handle on “why their Townships and lands and homes and health”  are being literally “sacrificed” by a Provincial Government’s disastrous Green Energy Plan to construct massive Wind Farms across Rural Lands in Ontario.

Who is “behind the scenes” here to provide funding and cash for ventures that do nothing but generate huge profits for a small handfull of “investors” at the expense of all Ontario Land Owners?

Is there a “conspiracy of silence” in order to “lock up tax payers and electrical consumers $$$” to invest daily in this failed experiment to create an “Industry of Destruction”?

Like any other “Ponzi Scheme” investigation is usually centred on the “Follow the Money” paradigm.

Parker Gallant is one of those brilliant researchers who uses his Finacial background in real life to expose what we could call “the centre of this most foul scheme”!

Environmental “Don” or “El Hefe” of Sustainable Energy

Friday, May 25, 2012 Wind Concerns Ontario Parker Gallant

The names; Trillium Foundation, the Ontario Power Authority, Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment, the Ivey Foundation, Environmental Defence, Consultative Group on Biological Diversity, Green Energy Act Alliance, the Sustainability Network, Greening Greater Toronto, Tides Canada, Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance, Consultative Group on Biological Diversity, Environmental Defence and Premier McGuinty’s; Climate Change Advisory Panel amongst many others are all connected by one individual. That individual is Bruce Lourie who either claims he founded some of the above or sits in a position of authority either as a member of the Board, the Chairman or as an adviser.

Mr. Lourie didn’t make Tom Rand’s article in the first (and perhaps only) issue of Green Power Magazine which listed “20 Movers & Shakers of the Green Energy Act” when it was launched. The article names those involved in selling the Liberals the concept of the Act so it is surprising that Lourie doesn’t appear due to his involvement via the Ivey Foundation where he was and still is the President and CEO. On the list were former Energy Minister George Smitherman along with David Suzuki, Rick Smith (Lourie’s co-author of the book; Slow Death by Rubber Duck), Marion Fraser (she was a policy adviser to the Minister, the “content” adviser for the GEA and Vice-Chair of the Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance when Lourie was Executive Director), Mike Layton (son of Jack Layton) then with Environmental Defence, Professor Jose Etcheverry of York University’s Faculty of Environmental Studies, but no Bruce Lourie. Tom Rand, the author of the article is “cleantech lead” at MaRS Discovery District and sits with Lourie on the Tides Canada Advisory Board with other luminaries such as Michael Harcourt, former BC Premier and Marlo Raynolds of the Pembina Institute. Lourie is everywhere if it has anything to do with sustainability or renewable energy. Lourie (linkedin) claims a BSc in geology (rocks) and a Master in Environmental Studies from York University (maybe where he connected with Professor Etcheverry). He was or perhaps still is seeking a PhD in Environmental Studies (York offers a doctorate program) but apparently Lourie has not completed or defended his thesis so remains without the ability to call himself a Dr. unlike his co-author Rick Smith, Executive Director of Environmental Defence where Lourie once held the position of President.
Despite the lack of a PhD Lourie is a powerhouse in the renewable energy business, perhaps because of his position at the Ivey Foundation where as President he wields considerable influence on the flow of grant money and because he also sat as a director of the Trillium Foundation which annually doles out $13/15 million in grants to the “environment sector”.
Lourie’s biography is extensive, naming him as “one of Canada’s most influential leaders and thinkers in the environment sector.” Lourie certainly is influential as evidenced by his ability to create or support entities that have the heft to sway both politicians and charitable institutions.
Another of Bruce Lourie’s creations is the “Summerhill Group” which consists of three companies that cover the range of corporate entities including, a for profit (Summerhill Group Inc.), a not-for-profit (Summerhill Impact) and a charity (Summerhill Foundation). Financial information on Summerhill and other companies Lourie created, or played a role in creating; is difficult to find, as it is for most of the environmental non-government organizations (ENGOs). The attached highlights the extensive array of companies, Lourie has created or influences however his reach goes well beyond those on this chart.
Lourie’s reach and connections will be explored in future articles that will show how one individual has managed to create a plethora of environmental organizations while remaining “under the radar screen”.
Parker Gallant,
Available in .pdf format here
May 25, 2012
  1. […] The same names keep cropping up every time someone like Parker Gallant “researches” where the $$$ has come into and where it has gone to within “Not-for Profit” organizations such as Summerhill group of entities run by Bruce Lourie. […]

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