Germany’s Green Energy Experiment: ………..Total Destruction!

Posted: May 18, 2012 in Uncategorized

Germany has been the “example to follow” for years now according to the Premier of Ontario, his “hand puppet Energy Ministers”, The Wind Energy Association’s like OSEA and CANWEA not to mention David Suzuki and all his other cohorts like Environmental Defence, and every other Environmental Non Governmental Organization that sucks dollars from our pockets like a pack of green parasites.

Now Germany is bleeding Green like a “road killed frog”!

Not that reality like this will stop a Premier and his insane Green Revolution in Ontario that has literally brought our economy to the verge of Bankruptcy!

Germany’s Green Revolution Turns Into A Bloodbath – “Solar Valley” Literally Gets Obliterated

By P Gosselin on 18. Mai 2012

German daily Süddeutsche Zeitung here reports on another major German solar manfuacturer that has gone insolvent. A week ago solar cell and module manufacturer Sovello declared insolvency.

Sun sets on Germany’s Sovello. (Photo source: Sovello website)

The company employs 1200 workers and is one of Germany’s “Solar Valley” enterprises along with Q-Cells that had been expected to lead Germany into a new age of high-tech for the future.  Germany’s Solar Valley is located at the junction of the states of Saxony, Saxony Anhalt and Thuringia in East Germany, and received massive investment and support from state and federal governments.

Now its workers are waking up to empty promises, dashed dreams and bitter reality. Solar Valley joins the scrap heap of failed East German economic and social experiments, the last being the German Democratic Republic which collapsed in 1989.

Q-Cells reported it was insolvent in early April. Also US manufacturer First Solardelivered a massive blow to the region, announcing it would close its plant in Frankfurt (Oder).

The collapsing solar branch in Germany was one of the main reasons Angela Merkel sacked Environment Minister Norbert Röttgen two days ago. The German solar industry is also dogged by low price competition from China and reduced subsidies for solar system operators, which earlier had spiraled out of control and led to spiraling electricity prices that have put many in a state of energy poverty.


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