Canadians should NEVER FORGET the “G20 Disgrace”!!!

Posted: May 18, 2012 in Uncategorized

For 3 days in June 2010 what we witnessed in the streets of Toronto could have been anywhere else in the World that is being run by a blatant Dictator who is known to be a murdering despot that hates anyone who speaks against him!

But it wasn’t! It was Toronto, downtown Toronto, at the very least, it was “disgusting” and at the very extreme it could be called “Treasonous Behaviour” by Authorities and Governments at all levels!

How did masked Black Bloc (provocateurs?) get away with smashing windows, burning police cars and damaging Toronto for a very long time get away without any Police even chasing them down the street?

Was that a blatant “set-up” to justify a complete “maniacal” break down of Police actions that will never ever be forgotten by the Citizens of Canada.

Heads should roll, but won’t. Apologies should come but won’t. Politicians should be censured but they won’t.

What SHOULD happen is that Canadian Citizens NEVER FORGET the names and faces of who made this happen!

Hume: G20 policing report an arresting document

Fri May 18 2012

Protesters attack a police car during the G20 in downtown Toronto Saturday, June 26, 2010.

Protesters attack a police car during the G20 in downtown Toronto Saturday, June 26, 2010. LUCAS OLENIUK/TORONTO STAR


By Christopher Hume Urban Issues, Architecture

From Officer Bubbles all the way up to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the G20 was a demonstration of just how stupid, arrogant and brutish official Canada has become.

Whether we’re talking about Harper’s childish and petulant decision to move his shindig to downtown Toronto at the last minute, Tony Clement’s unabashed pork barreling in Muskoka, Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair’s cowardly refusal to accept responsibility for the force’s appalling behavior, or ordinary cops beating people up, the G20 confirmed every Canadian’s worst nightmare about what sort of a city — and country — we are becoming.

The picture that emerges isn’t pretty. If the original outrage two years ago at the G20 wasn’t already disturbing enough, we now have the spectacle of delay, deceit and denial at the highest levels, including the very pinnacle of political power in Canada, such as it is.

For starters, why hasn’t Chief Blair resigned? His departure should have come before the independent police review released Gerry McNeilly’s long-awaited report on Wednesday. Despite Blair’s many efforts to exonerate himself and his force, he no longer has the stature, moral or professional, to run the Toronto police force.

Blair must go.

What about his underlings, one of whom was described by an officer on the ground as “maniacal”? Why are they still on the force, their salaries paid by the same taxpayers they ordered arrested, strip-searched, locked up and brutalized?

They, too, must go.

History tells us G20 security would have been difficult under the best of circumstances, but put in the hands of Blair’s bumblers, the hapless but nasty RCMP and the OPP, then run by fossilized hardliner Julian Fantino, the fiasco was inevitable.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Toronto Police=cowardly thugs and bullies

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