Ontario rallies to take back our Democracy!!!!!

Posted: May 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

If you, like most of us in Ontario who are feeling overwhelmed and unable to mount a defence to our total “Loss of Democracy” by what should be a Provincial Government who works on behalf of it’s Citizens, but doesn’t, then this could be the answer!

People of Ontario have had enough. Municipal Councils in general have turned their backs on their own employers, US, the Taxpayers who pay their wages along with the Politicians at Queen’s Park who have put foreign investors ahead of it’s electorate have to be held accountable for their actions.

All in all, Ontario is nothing more than a bloody mess and is all but Bankrupt due to irresponsible management of our hard earned tax dollars.

Rural Ontario has had a “bulls eye” on it by various Ministries who are basically declaring Rural Residents as non-essential entities in their Green Energy Scam which has ruined our electricity supply and held us hostage with some of the highest prices for energy supply in the world.

Our Property Rights are being eroded, our Health Care system is being dismantled, the Industry in Ontario is being priced out of existence, not to mention their has been a masive dismantling of Democracy in this once great Province, once called the “Engine that drove Canada”!

Of you like the other millions of Ontario Residents want to get involved in your own small way there is an Organization that has just been formed. One common cause that we all agree with is our Freedom and Democracy ”  has been stolen!

Sign up if you want Ontario back in the hands of the People!

Ontario Neighbours United

Ontario OURS to recover

We see outrage all over Ontario as citizens are forced to live with unjust policies against their will and with no say.
Citizens forced to live near quarries, industrial wind power generators, garbage incinerators, mega highways, gas plants, nuclear dumps.

Citizens who have no say in losing their way of life in Ontario manufacturing, horse racing, farming.

Regional meeting, Saturday, June 9th, 10:00am in Harriston at the Legion

In lieu of the meeting in Aboyne being confined to the horse industry, a new meeting has been scheduled for all Ontario rural residents with grievances against McGuinty’s reign of tyranny!
It’s time to move into the bigger picture and discuss:

  • civil disobedience
  • public meeting for Ontario to speak out against provincial govt. using unjust laws to remove rights and creating havoc in rural Ontario
  • legal strategy re class action beyond small pockets
  • targeting cities
Do your homework and bring ideas.  Let’s pull together with this.  It’s time to insist that our voices be heard.If you have any suggestions to add to the agenda, please email us at onunited@hotmail.caPLACE:  Royal Canadian Legion, 53 Elora St., Harriston, ON   
Phone is 519-338-2843.The Legion is on the east side of the main street and north of the Ford dealship (dealership is also on the east side of the main St.) You can park in the back and come through the door at the back of the hall.


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