Health Care Alert! … hope you get your surgery before McGuinty “guts” the System!!!!!

Posted: May 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

If your on an “elective surgery list” waiting for some life saving care from an Ontario Doctor, you had better get in quick before your Doctor goes to “greener pastures”!

Dalton McGuinty has basically thrown down the gauntlet that IF Ontario Doctors don’t like freezing their wages or even cutting their wages then they can LEAVE!

Nice! In a Province where we already have a shortage of Doctors, our Premier decides to piss off the ones we have and basically gut the Health Care system just when the Baby Boomers will need it the most!

Visualize McGuinty’s face when your sitting at home, unable to stand or see or hear anything until you get that vital operation that will save your life!

Of course that won’t do much for the stress you’ll be going through but maybe, just maybe, you will empower someone around you to open their eyes to the fact that this “so-called Leader” is ruining our Province!

The COFPS Declares Code ORANGE!

TORONTO, May 15, 2012 /CNW/

Dr. Douglas Mark, President of the Coalition of Family Physicians and Specialists of Ontario, announced that it is time to call the situation in Ontario a serious threat to the medical profession and the people we serve. Today, Ontario’s independent voice of physicians set its Practice Advisory level at orange, which states that the medical practice environment in Ontario is under severe strain, and that planning for the future is virtually impossible due to system instability.  Physicians should carefully consider the wisdom of capital investments in their practices and the commitment to other long-term financial liabilities including leases etc.  Physicians should explore options in more hospitable practice jurisdictions.

“Since the beginning of Medicare, nowhere across Canada have physicians been under such disgraceful public attack by its provincial government”, announced Dr. Mark. He continued, “In addition, no other province has laws that gives it the power to unilaterally alter physician funding at will as is the case here in Ontario.”



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