Eco-whackos inside Canadian Government get “whacked” …. could this be the “cleansing we’ve all waited for?

Posted: May 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

So-called “Environmentalists” who have set up shop inside basically every Government in World and have sucked off the public teet for so long are wearing out their “welcome”!

These various pseudo agencies that promote the Climate Change Lies, Carbon Lies, and Green Energy Lies are now under “scrutiny” by Governments as  the various economies of the world go to hell and are partially being destroyed by the Green Schemes these fools have “dreamt up”!

Canada has eliminated one of those agencies, The National Roundtable on Environment and Economy  and could be the sign of things to come. Now if only Ontario would open it’s eyes and rid Queen’s Park of all the Green Shirts inside that hallowed hall of stupidity!

National Roundtable on Environment and Economy eliminated for pushing a carbon tax, Conservative government says

May 14 2012 Allan WoodsOttawa Bureau

OTTAWA—The Conservatives are killing off a respected panel that has advised governments on environmental policy for decades because it clashed with Tory ideology, Foreign Minister John Baird says.

Baird said the National Roundtable on the Environment and Economy — created by former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney in 1988 — had committed the offence of pushing Ottawa to implement a carbon tax as a way to encourage industry to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

He said the panel, which is made up of government-appointed industry experts, environmentalists, academics and former bureaucrats, had authored at least 10 reports over the years urging the government to put a price on carbon.

Baird said Canadians rejected that policy when his party won the 2008 election over the Liberals, who were then led by Stéphane Dion.

“I think the last thing the government needs is to pay for another report encouraging a carbon tax when Canadians have spoken up definitively that they do not want a carbon tax,” he said.

Baird’s retort adds a nefarious twist to the public explanation from Environment Minister Peter Kent.

Officials in his office reiterated as recently as last Friday that the roundtable, with a budget of $5.2 million, “filled an important need in the past” but its functions can now be replaced by free advice and research from environmental groups, academics and international organizations.



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