“Fake Environmental NGO’s cry foul” over Endangered Species Act that allows murder of wildlife!

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That’s what these “indignant” Environmental NGO’s should be called for their fake display of outrage over the passing of Bill 55 which was “hidden” inside the latest McGuinty Budget!

They knew about this Bill 55 well in advance of the vote on it which of course was enabled to be passed by the NDP who teamed up with McGuinty to continue his “governance of shame” without a non confidence vote which would of course remove McGuinty from Ontario!

The real reason they didn’t want McGuinty removed one could assume, is that IF McGuinty was gone, their “FIT taxpayer rip-off” wouldn’t continue and all their “Green Gangs” would be thrown out of Ontario also!

So read on and believe what you will but in my humble opinion these dredges of society should be permanently banned from our Province and blacklisted world-wide for being the problem, not the solution!

Environmental NGOs: Biting the Hand that Feeds Them

Saturday, May 12, 2012 Parker Gallant,

Kelly McFarland’s article; of May 10, 2012; “Ontario accused of mimicking Ottawa in hiding environmental changes in omnibus budget bill”, highlighted the fact that more then 50 environmental groups were upset that the recently passed Liberal budget, bill 55, buried changes “that weaken protection for our wildlife and ecosystems”. The object of the article was a letter (58 signatures) that was sent to Premier McGuinty and expressed “deep concern about Bill 55” and requested that he withdraw, “all schedules amending environmental legislation from the bill as it “obstructs the public’s right to participate in environmental decision-making by circumventing the statutory process for public consultation that is normally guaranteed under the Environmental Bill of Rights, 1993.”The “bill” was passed April 24, 2012 because the NDP abstained from voting after having wrung budget concessions from the Liberals that included tax increases. It was known before passing that bill 55 included many changes to environmental regulations which we assume the NDP were aware of. It is therefore surprising that one of the signatures on the letter is Greenpeace where the NDP’s energy critic, Peter Tabuns, previously held the position of Executive Director. One wonders why MPP Tabuns would not stand by the principles he once presumably adhered to at Greenpeace instead of sitting on his hands when actually representing his constituents!

Most of the signatures on the May 10, 2012 letter are not those that were outspoken in supporting Bill 150, the “Green Energy and Economy Act”, when it was presented to the Legislature in 2009 by the then Minister of Energy and Infrastructure, George Smitherman but several were. Of the latter the signatures on the May 10, 2012 letter include Greenpeace, David Suzuki Foundation, Environmental Defence, Sierra Club, Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment and the Canadian Environmental Law Association, while many of the others were quiet or straddled the fence. The latter include; Toronto Environmental Alliance, Ontario Nature and Canadian Parks and Wildlife. Bill 150 also had far reaching effects on wildlife as well as human life yet these signators sat on their hands while Bill 150 was rammed through the Legislature and fully supported by the NDP.

Many of those that originally supported Bill 150 have been the beneficiaries of largesse by various arms of several taxpayer owned government foundations. In an effort to uncover how much some of these prior supporters and the fence sitters of Bill 150 have benefited you must examine how much money has been granted to them. Looking at the Trillium Foundation, the Toronto Atmospheric Fund (TAF), Friends of the Greenbelt (FGB).

NB: The Auditors Report’s note on Greenbelt’s March 31, 2006 annual report said the following;

“A contribution of $25,000,000 was received from the provincial government in order to enable the Foundation to carry out its charitable and public initiatives. The Foundation decided to spend down its contribution over a period of five years with initial grants to be made in June 2006.”.



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