ORNGE debacle gets worse!….CEO “mentally unfit to testify”

Posted: May 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

The ORNGE investigation by the Committee at Queens Park will wait all summer until Mazza is declared “fit for questioning” as his lawyer has stated that he is “mentally unfit to testify” at the moment and is under medical leave.

For being described as a “brilliant man” and was a “motivational speaker” it seems odd that he doesn’t have enough fortitude to endure losing his job. Hundreds of thousands of Ontario Citizens are walking the streets trying to find enough work to feed their families and they aren’t under medical leave and mental health issues……they can’t afford to be.

Also through questioning today, ORGNE aviation boss Rick Potter, added some very bizarre actions regarding an amount of 7+ million dollars of savings he found but were cancelled by Mazza, yet a return of 6.7 million was received from the Italian helicopter company after the deal for 12 copters was signed.

Could this be the “kick-back” that the OPP are investigating? Could this end up inside the deepest bowels of Queen’ Park? Can Deb Matthews keep blind siding this inevitable probe into the Liberals inner sanctums of influence by keep playing innocent and blaming everyone else but her own Party for this massive scandal that will make E Health look like a bingo game!

Yet there are enough Ontario voters out there in McGuintyland that keep voting this group of idiots back into power with a little help from the Dippers!

Ontario is being milked for every last penny it can generate and will be left a crumpled mass of poverty stricken residents wondering “how did we get this bad?”

Answer: You trusted this McGuinty Gang way too long!

On a sad note, a young father today died on his way to the hospital in a road ambulance because ORNGE couldn’t supply one due to lack of pilots for the required shift that would have possibly saved this man’s life. Deb Matthews comments on it?………..she is going to do a study on it!!

How much more incompetence will we endure? People now are losing their lives over this mismanagement!

Chris Mazza rejected discount on helicopter deal, former ORNGE exec says

Wed May 09 2012 Image

By Tanya Talaga Queen’s Park Bureau

Former ORNGE aviation boss Rick Potter negotiated $10 million off the price of Italian helicopters but he was overruled by Dr. Chris Mazza, who wanted to turn down the discount, an all-party legislative committee heard Wednesday.

Potter, who now consults at ORNGE for $20,000 a month, told the hearing looking into the air ambulance scandal that he had hoped for praise or an “atta boy” from Mazza for the savings.

More: ORNGE: Man dies as air ambulance can’t get to Stouffville crash

ORNGE had entered into an agreement with AgustaWestland Inc. to buy 12 helicopters for $144 million. Agusta wanted $10 million more in additional charges but Potter managed to get them waived. However, Potter said he was surprised to later learn ORNGE wanted to give Agusta an additional $7.2 million.

Potter told the committee he spoke to ORNGE’s corporate lawyer Cynthia Heinz, former executive vice-president Maria Renzella, and others and said “this is nuts.”

More: ORNGE founder Chris Mazza declared unfit to testify

Potter said he even called AgustaWestland and was told “we do this all the time.”

He told the hearing that he confronted Mazza, the air ambulance agency’s founder, and asked him: “Are you freaking crazy?”

The startling testimony was heard at the public-accounts committee hearing probing questionable contract payments, high salaries and the creation of spinoff for-profit companies at ORNGE, an agency that receives $150 million a year in public money.

Progressive Conservative MPP Frank Klees asked Potter if he contacted the board of directors when he found out about the $7.2 million.

“I did not contact the board of directors; I thought it’d be inappropriate as an employee. I contacted seven people including legal counsel and confirmed the legal counsel on both sides was in agreement with this. My assumption was I was obviously missing something,” he said.

After the hearing, Klees said the $7.2 million subsequently became a $6.7 million marketing agreement paid back to an ORNGE for-profit firm.

“So, in the end, you have Agusta paying back to an ORNGE company some $6.7 million. For what, we asked. Mr. Potter made it clear in his testimony he thought it was inappropriate,” said Klees. “You know, I have referred to this as a kickback and I am just fine with reasserting that today.”

Now, the committee must “follow the money,” said Klees.



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