How the Greens have DESTROYED Lowell Mtn. in Vermont!……..TRAGIC!!!

Posted: April 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

We can speak volumes about how corrupt, disgusting and dishonourable “Green Advocates” are but the following cannot be dismissed for what it is:

Living proof these “Environmental Industries” are anything other than “Criminals of the Planet!”

The Green Wave – How Vermont Protects the Environment (Warning: Graphic Photos!)

By P Gosselin on 28. April 2012

Last fall I wrote about how self-anointed environmental mastermind politicians in my homestate of Vermont bulldozed public opposition, lots of trees and finally the top of Lowell Mountain to make way for “climate-saving” 450-foot industrial wind turbines. Read here and here.

Here’s how environmental protection by these political environmental pimps appears so far, hat-tip:

Crushed stone pad for just one turbine to be installed. Many such sites are being prepared on Lowell Mountain to accommodate a series of turbines, 21 in all.

How Vermont protects the environment – coming statewide (except Chittenden County, where the fat cats live).

Silent spring for Vermont wildlife.


This is all “to save the planet” from the junk-science-based climate catastrophe fantasy.

How about a little prison time for the charlatans perpetuating the hoax? In a way it’s really good that I’m all the way across the big pond now.

Yes, we can thank these political whores for ruining a once beautiful area (please excuse my diplomacy). This of course is just one windpark of an entire series planned by the state.


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