“Dead Man Walking”…….Green Energy fails……….only our Government is in “denial”

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Two stories that covers Europe and close to home here in Ontario on the same day fairly well explains in simple language what most of us have predicted since the beginning. Green Energy is a bad investment for both the developers and the end consumers. It was built to fail on all fronts. It cannot provide clean dependable and inexpensive electricity. It’s development does more harm than probably any other modern attempt to generate electricity and that includes Coal fired generation.

Now countries that have been sold “hook line and sinker” on this massive FRAUD are paying the price. Lost jobs, lost lands, lost wildlife, loss of health for their citizens and the most direct failure…………loss of economy!

Here are the two stories that underline the stupidity and ignorance of our present day Governments.

The sorry lessons of green-power subsidies

GWYN MORGAN Columnist profile

From Monday’s Globe and Mail
Published Sunday, Apr. 29, 2012

A recent study, co-authored by Fraser Institute energy economist Gerry Angevine, found that Ontario residents will pay an average of $285-million more for electricity each year for the next 20 years as a result of subsidies to renewable energy companies.

By the end of 2013, Ontario household power rates will be the second-highest in North America (after PEI), and they will continue to accelerate while they level off in most other jurisdictions. Even more alarming for Ontario’s economic competitiveness, businesses and industrial customers will be hit by almost $12-billion in additional costs over the same period.

Such is the legacy of the provincial government’s 2009 decision to establish feed-in rates, ranging from 44.5 cents to 80.2 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh) for solar power, and 13.5 cents/kWh for wind power. These solar feed-in rates average 11 times the 5.6 cents/kWh paid for nuclear-generated power, and 18 times the 3.5 cents/kWh for hydro-generated power. The wind-power rates are more than twice as high as nuclear, and four times those of hydro.

Besides the direct cost of these huge subsidies, there’s also a big hidden cost of fossil-fuelled standby facilities, because the wind doesn’t always blow and the Ontario sun certainly doesn’t always shine.

Faced with rising consumer reaction, the provincial government recently announced modest reductions to the feed-in rates, but they do nothing to change the results of the Fraser study because thousands of contracts have been guaranteed the higher rates for the next 20 years.

Liberal Premier Dalton McGuinty has predicted that the subsidies will propel Ontario to a world-leading position in green-power technology, creating thousands of jobs. Sadly, the Fraser study shows quite the opposite as the province’s already beleaguered manufacturing heartland sees its former electricity-cost advantage transformed into a competitive millstone.


Eastern Germany Hit Hard by Decline of Solar

By Charles Hawley

Photo Gallery: Sun Sets on Solar in Eastern Germany

The global solar industry has entered a brutal phase of consolidation and nowhere are the effects as dramatic as in eastern Germany. Several companies have already declared bankruptcy, leaving towns and cities in the region struggling with job losses and tax revenue shortfalls. The future bodes ill.

The sun, it was said, was going to save Frankfurt an der Oder, a city of 60,000 on the Polish border. After years of post-reunification economic doldrums, whose nadir came with the 2003 failure of a much-ballyhooed microchip factory project, the burgeoning German solar industry took an interest in the down-on-its-luck city.

In 2006, solar-panel manufacturer Conergy moved into the never-used computer chip factory, joining Odersun, already headquartered in the city. In 2007, the United States solar giant First Solar opened a factory as well, followed by a second one last year.

Now, though, the future suddenly looks decidedly dark. Odersun declared bankruptcy in March and Conergy, while pledging to return to profit this year, has seen its share price lose 99.6 percent of its value in the last five years. Many doubt the company will survive. Worst of all, however, was the announcement earlier this month that First Solar was closing both of its factories in Frankfurt an der Oder; 1,200 people will soon be jobless as a result.

“We saw the solar industry as a chance to reindustrialize the region and invested significantly in incentives,” Frankfurt an der Oder Mayor Martin Wilke told SPIEGEL ONLINE. “This is a serious setback. It is a very difficult situation.”

Frankfurt an der Oder’s pain is far from an isolated case. The solar industry, once a beacon of hope for an eastern German economy that struggled for years to revive following reunification in 1990, is undergoing a brutal phase of consolidation. There is a massive surplus of global production capacity and the bad news for eastern Germany keeps getting worse. Last December, the Berlin company Solon, which employed hundreds in the Baltic Sea coast town of Greifswald, filed for bankruptcy. Aleo-Solar, based in Prenzlau north of Berlin, lost over €30 million (about $40 million) last year after turning a profit of €31.8 million in 2010, leading many to fear for their jobs there.


  1. Tom Blacksmith says:

    …and designed to get you off your land and into the cities. It’s imperialism turned on its inside. Make no doubt about it, that’s what it’s all about.

    Power, wealth and control always needs an enemy to flourish. For now, let’s just call it “soft tyranny”.

  2. energy01 says:

    The push for large scale renewable energy, just like AGW and carbon trading, was always a political construct, designed to make certain groups very wealthy.

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