A brief history of Ontario’s dysfunctional Governments

Posted: April 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

Here’s a snapshot of how Ontario has been continually “plundered” and driven to the point of bankruptcy over the past 27 years. Of course Ontario will never declare Bankruptcy because the tax payers credit card has an unlimited spending limit on it and the spending by Government can be extended without end!

All parties that have governed this Province have basically used it as their personal “bank” even though they are supposed to be OUR “servants” and are in power for only one reason and that is to “manage our money” for the good of the PEOPLE of the Province.

How the agenda of “entitlement” by Public Servants has crept into our political structure would take a book the size of a novel to explain but suffice it to say that the workers and tax payers of Ontario have been “beaten like rented mules” for decades is an understatement!

Ontario’s Fiscal History – It Is NOT A Pretty Picture


With Ontario’s 2012 – 2013 budget now here, I thought that it was time to take a look at Ontario’s fiscal past to see just how prudent various governments of various political parties have been since 1986.
As a reminder, particularly for those of you who have either forgotten or never knew, here is an outline showing the terms, Premiers and political persuasions of those who have ruled Ontario as their fiefdom:
1985 – 1987  David Peterson – Liberal (minority)
1987 – 1990  David Peterson – Liberal
1990 – 1995  Bob Rae – NDP
1995 – 1999  Mike Harris – Progressive Conservative
1999 – 2003  Mike Harris – Progressive Conservative
2003 – 2007  Dalton McGuinty – Liberal
2007 – 2011  Dalton McGuinty – Liberal
2011 – present  Dalton McGuinty – Liberal (minority)
Now, let’s look at some fiscal history for the province, sourced from the TD Bank as shown on this chart:
Now let’s look at some graphical representations of the data starting with the surplus/deficit picture for each year:
You’ll notice that out of the 27 fiscal years represented, that the budget has been in surplus for only eight years or 29.6 percent of the time.  As well, over the multi-decade sampling, deficits have outweighed surpluses to the point that the various governments have accrued an additional $147.588 billion in deficit spending.

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